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So glad you like them! Thanks so much for your suggestion, and thanks for the support! <3

Hey there! You can use image editing software to put all of the icons onto one sheet, or message me on Twitter or Discord and I can help compile them all onto a single sheet for you. :>

Thanks so much for the kind words! And yes of course, you are allowed to edit the free ones that don't require a commercial license. :>

There's a new bundle available with more packs now. :D The old one was only 1-7, and the newest includes pack 8 and emojis~

Hey, thanks for getting in touch!  The icons on this sheet are generally from these  packs:

Potions and consumables: Pack 1 and 2
Food: Pack 3
Weapons: Pack 4
Skill and statuses: Pack 5
Equipment: Pack 6

So you won't need all of my packs, but there is a bundle sale on at the moment for all of them. :>

Thanks so much! <3 

Hey, thanks so much! I had no plans to do any at the moment, but I love doing food and I'm always happy to take requests for future packs, so I'll see what I can do! :D 

Haha, no worries! Yeah this is a compilation of my existing icons made to fit MV/MZ's icon sheet, so RM users can get a feel for how they'd work in their games without needing to buy them first. :D

In order to use them for commercial projects, you must purchase the original pack that whichever icon you want to use came from, i.e. foods from Pack 3, weapons from Pack 4, etc.

Hope that clears things up a bit! :>

There are a few tiles that could double up as both, like some of the walls and floors, as well as things like vending machines, weapons, posters, etc. but it's intended for exteriors.

Hi, sadly it's only for use in RPG Maker, sorry. :(

Yep, once you own it, you can use it as many times as you'd like. :D

aaaa thanks so much! I did do a little trial of 24x24 with Pack 1, but didn't get a huge deal of interest so I haven't converted the rest yet, but I might do it further down the line! :>

It is possible, but not feasible for us on the development side of things. 

The engine was built to be user-friendly when it comes to adding custom parts. Due to the way Parts are added, the user only needs to  add a single sprite sheet for each Part, such as clothing, hair, etc. To allow each frame to be put into a different order would completely over complicate this system, and it'd actually work out as even more of a nightmare for both the devs and the typical user. It actually works out as less of a hassle for the sprite sheet to be deconstructed on the user end and put together in a way that works best for them.

Sorry to disappoint but we hope you can please understand!

Apologies, only just saw your reply! I've put the EULA onto a public Googledoc. :>

(1 edit)

The default body types (Male Lean and Female Slim) actually have very visibly different sprite bases! If you look for references for similar body types on Google, a lot of the guys actually have much more pronounced hips than you'd think. :>

That said, we are working on more body types in the future which will maybe not have such impressive hips, haha..

Our official VisuStella DLCs will be both free and paid. 

As for content created by users, they cannot be sold without first contacting VisuStella:

Q2: Can I create and/or edit  my own parts? 

A:  Yes. But you are not allowed to distribute this engine and any of the graphics, edited or otherwise as a resource for anyone else. Please read the EULA for legal implications. 

Q3: Can I create my own parts and sell it with this software?  

A: No. Please contact us if you have any interest in doing so and need permission. We can discuss it. 

With the addition of 16x16 sprites, you can now easily convert your characters which use default Walk Sprites to 16x16 versions too.

Locate the .JSON file for your character, and edit it using Notepad or similar program.

At the top of the file, there will be a parameter for "BodyType"

Depending on the original body type for your character, change the parameter to the following:

"BodyType": "Male Lean (16x16)",

"BodyType": "Female Slim (16x16)",

Save your file and then import into the Stella Generator. You should now be able to see your character's sprite in 16x16 format.

Thanks so much, Kentou! Happy to hear you're enjoying it, and very grateful for your kind feedback! <3

Hi, sorry for the late reply!

We haven't encountered this error so far, but apparently 0xc000007b is a common error code when there's something wrong in your system files.

Is your DirectX up to date?

You can change your DPI in your Display settings. :)

Hi, please make sure your DPI is set to 100%. :)

Hi, we will be releasing DLC which will come with new parts, as well as new body types. We are also working on sideview sprites. :)

Great, glad to hear it works! We'll look into the issue with the empty SV exporting too. :) 

(1 edit)

Due to the way the Parts work, each body type has its own Parts that fit to the type. So if you tried to put a Slim Female shirt on the Lean Male, it would overlap incorrectly and look weird. For that reason, we've separated the body types so they have to be selected through the menu.

When you're next at your computer, could you please run us through the exact steps you make before receiving the crash? That will help us diagnose the problem. Thanks!

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks for your purchase and leaving your thoughts! We'll do our best to get back to each of your points.

1. Thanks for your feedback on this one. We thought about this kind of feature during development, but sadly it's out of our budget due to the pricing of the engine, and other priorities such as Sideview sprites and more Parts. Thanks for your interest though, we will update any changes in our plans through here so please stay tuned!
2. This is also a nice idea that we can look into! For the time being, there is a workaround of being able to save HEX codes from the "Advanced" tab so you can copy a color's code.
3. We have many future DLCs planned with endless ideas flowing in from the team, and elf/beast/various fantasy ears and parts are somewhere on that list!
4. This one is definitely tricky because it would mess with the proportions of the base. All of the Parts are designed to fit together as you stack them, so messing with the proportions of one area would make the rest look.. not great haha.

Thanks again for your comments, and we hope you continue to enjoy using the engine! 🌻

Whoa nice! Thanks for showing me, looks awesome! :D

Heheh, any time! Just let me know if you wanna see anything else! :>

Oops, so  sorry I didn't get a notification for your message!  This is the kind of thing I meant by samples, just so you can kinda see what's included:


Lemme know if these are okay for you, or if you wanna see something in more detail and I'll see what I can do! :D

Hi there! 

The sprites come with the engine in the program's main folders, or they'll be generated in any new project you make. :> Sadly I can't provide you with a link to them since it would go against the EULA, sorry!

Hi there! Is there any particular resource you'd especially like to see that I can arrange samples of?

The Base Pack contains over 1000 files so I hope it's understandable that it'd be a little difficult to make samples of all of them, haha..

I'm happy to make samples of a small batch of specific things though. :)

Yeah that should be fine. :>

Heheh thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy them! <3 

Thanks so much! :D

Unsure what'll be next in terms of paid packs at the moment! I definitely need to make more equipment/weapons/accessories/etc. so that's something that'll be coming soon, and I also want to make more UI-related icons such as generic stat icons (ATK, DEF, LUK), menu icons (settings, exit game, save) and I guess I've been thinking about doing some specific spell icons for a while, so I might bump those up in the list.

Thanks for the suggestions, they're actually very motivating haha! 

Yes, accessories and other equipment like armour and the like are also on the list to be made soon! Both fantasy and more modern/sci-fi types. :D

Ahh yes, good eye! The unreleased ones that you've spotted are going to be free for commercial use, and they'll be released alongside the next Pixel Dailies pack which should be very, very soon, so you can go ahead and use those however you like!

Thanks so much haha, I'm glad you like them! <3

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, that was really heartwarming to read!! <3 I really hope you enjoy the icons and get a lot of enjoyment out of using them!

Thank you so much also for buying them, your support really means the world to me, and I'm honestly so grateful. Thank you.

I've got some modern/futuristic icon packs in the pipeline for sure, so you can definitely expect to see some of those soon. :>

And yes of course! You can use the database entries however you like, commercial is all good!

I know I've said it a lot but thank you again. I really do appreciate it. :D

Wow thanks so much! :o I really hope you enjoy it!

Ah, thanks so much for the kind words, I'm really glad you like them!!

Thank you as well for the generous thoughts. :) 

Thank you, and you too! :>