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Good news! I'm trialing out how popular 16x16 and 24x24 versions of my icons will do, so you can re-download the pack to get access to the new sizes. :D

I'm looking to make a new full pack for equipment as my next release, but I'll see about these guys too! <3

I'm glad you like it, and thanks so much for supporting me! :D

I’m glad you like them, and thanks so much for the comment! Enjoy! :>

Aw that's great to hear, I'm so glad you like them! Hopefully I'll get some time to do more of the RTP characters soon! :D

Thanks so much for your kind comments, it means a lot to me! :D There are a couple new packs in the works now which should hopefully come out in the next few months, so I hope you enjoy those too! <3

Hi! Sadly I don't have any plans to make 16x16 icons in the near future as I prefer to work with 32x32, but I have a friend called Jacki who recently released a pack of smaller icons over here if they interest you! :>

Beautiful work! Keep it up! <3 

Thanks so much for your support! :D

Thanks so much!! :D I am definitely making more, so keep an eye out! I’m currently working on a weapons pack and skill icons in my free time, which will hopefully be released in the next few months.

Thank you so much for your support, it really means the world! <3

Sadly I'm shutting commissions for the foreseeable future since I've got some pretty big, long-term jobs on the go, but keep an eye on my Twitter (@cazwolf) in case they ever open back up again! <3 

Yep! Once you own the pack, these icons are commercial a-okay for whatever you wanna do! 

(Except for reselling them on their own, obviously.)

Thanks for playing and for your comments! I do intend to work on this game on the backburner, but it's unlikely I'll have much progress any time soon sadly. :( I had noticed the text cutoff actually but I was in a real big rush to get it out, but I'll definitely be using that fix! Thanks! :D

Thanks Fomi!! <3

Hey Ravey! Not at the moment since I'm pretty booked full with work, but I might open up for commissions again in a few months. :D