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Hey there! It's definitely possible to add more than 7 but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you're a beginner to RPG Maker. You'll need to make it so that a new page shows when the cursor index is greater than 7.

Did you copy over everything in the img>pictures folder as well?

Hey there! Is this an issue you're having with the vanilla project or after you've imported it into your own? It may be that something has been changed that's stopped it from working properly?

Glad to hear it worked! You can take a screenshot of your game and drag the images from the img>pictures folder into any image editing software and find out the X/Y positions you'll need to put the bar where you want it. :D 

I think I see what the issue is. You need to change the values for the Show/Move  Picture for Picture 18 at the top of the event. Try changing it to X 596 and Y  801.

Are you trying this with the vanilla project? Are you able to screenshot what you have so I can try it out please?

Hey there! Make sure you're only changing the values on the following lines:

Hi there! Does this happen in the vanilla project or is it only an issue after importing it into your own project?

I can definitely look into making some more stuff like that for sure - thanks for the suggestion! :D 

Hey, yep I've seen people use it for battle systems so it should be totally good for that!

And yes you'll be able to change the variables to adjust the sizing of the bar/arrow or use your own graphics. :D 

Thank you for the kind words! The Dungeon tiles were just recently completed at the start of the month, so I'll be working on the modern/scifi stuff next. :>

Not a silly question at all! Yep, they're all compatible with VS plugins, and  some of the projects actually use a few of the Core plugins.

They don't need to be installed in any particular order since they're events, you'll just need to make sure that  all the switches/variables/etc. are copied over into their correct places. If you're starting a fresh project, you can just copy them straight over and they'll work out of the box. :D

Yep, that should be possible! Each month is represented through its own common event, so you'll just need to add a new common event for every month and make sure they link up correctly when the player presses "next" and "back." :D 

Hi, yep absolutely! The full terms of use are here!

Yep, absolutely! They're all good for commercial projects. :D 

Thanks Holder! <3 I'm going to eventually try to add as many of the RTP outfits as I can!

The latest update added female sprites yes! You can swap to the new body type by clicking the arrows next to "Body" :D 

Hi, yep they're totally fine for commercial and non-commercial use!

Hi there! Yep, this actually uses a few of the VisuStella Core plugins, so it should be fully compatible with all of them. 

I am planning to eventually release a standalone version for Windows once more content is available, yes! :D 

I've been having the same issue too. I'm used to waiting about 14 days maximum for payouts, but one of mine was requested 27 days ago as well. 

I don't mind waiting a little longer if they're facing a big backlog of payout requests at the moment, but any updates would be appreciated! <3  

Hi there!

1. By that, do you mean like a cutscene that could happen between 5pm and 6pm for example? If so yes, you'll just need to set it so that the event only triggers when the Hours variable is above 5 but below 6!

2. There are multiple seeds! The demo features 4, but you can set up as many as you like. The player switches between seeds and tools by pressing the Page Up button (this can also be customised to whatever button you'd like), and their currently selected seed/tool will appear in the top right. :D

Hey, thanks for the report! Have you tried another browser?

Hmm that's really weird, it should work. Have you tried using another browser?

Thank you! Eventually yes, I hope I can add SV assets! 

Thanks so much Fizzly! Haha, it's UK English so we use S in some words instead of Z.

Hi, what device are you using please?

Hey there! For higher resolutions, you'll need to change the Shop-Background.png to a larger picture in the */img/pictures folder, as the default one is  816x624. It'll probably work okay if you just resize it in an image editing software!

You'll then probably need to change these variables in Common Event 128  if you don't want the menu images to align with the top left corner:

For Actor images,  you'll need to make sure the Shop ID is set to 1 or 2 when the shop menu is opened, and you'll need to set up which image you want to appear in the same Common Event as above.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for the report, I'll take a look into why it might be lagging for newer versions!

Hi! Is anything else running on your device that could be causing it to slow down? 

Hi there! You can combine the two systems by calling the Quick Time Bar minigame when the player successfully catches a fish. You can do that by copying and pasting the events from the start of the Quick Time Bar into the common event.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I'll try to make something like that in future. :D 

Thank you! <3 I will eventually be redoing the whole RTP, so yes there will be SciFi stuff! I'm currently working through the Dungeon tiles so hopefully SciFi and Modern will come next after that. :D 

Hi! They can be used in any engine, as long as the EULA is followed. :> 

Hi, by chance have you updated RPG Maker MZ to the latest version, 1.6.0? There are issues with the latest build of RPG Maker causing people's projects not to work, which might be why the files won't open.

Yep, the full EULA is here. It's free for commercial use in RPG Maker MV/MZ. :>

Hey! Yep, it's a lifetime license for as many uses as you'd like. :D 

The letters and keyboard buttons are free for commercial use. :> 

If you're using RPG Maker MV/MZ for the icons, you'll have to copy and paste the icons onto IconSet.png in img>system of your project.

For 2.5D projects, that's totally possible! You'll probably have to use parallax mapping for that though, and you may need to use plugins for the movement. :D 

Thanks so much Hawk, really appreciative of your judging efforts and the feedback! <3