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Thank you! And thanks so much for linking me, that's awesome! Congrats on the game release. :D 

aaaa Uni thank you so much, that's so kind of you to say! ;-; <3

Hey, thank you so much! :D Engine-free basically means you can use it for whatever you want, so you're not restricted to just using RPG Maker/Unity/Godot/whatever. I hope that helps!

Thanks Seliel! :D I'd be really happy to see this help people with their games!

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Hi, you can totally use these for commercial projects! :D

Be aware, however, that to use the characters included you'll need to own RPG Maker MZ (Reid, Priscilla, Gale and Michelle). 

The tiles and everything else are fair game though~ I really hope they're useful in your learning! <3

This is so awesome, thanks for keeping me updated! It's looking so cool! :D

Hey there!

You can change the position of the bars by moving the pictures/"sweet spot" variables. Try adding about +340 to each of the X positions, and it should center the bar on a 1920x1080 resolution. :D

Thank you! :D <3


1. You can view the comments alongside the events that should explain how they work. Check the event template for the carrot. When the end of day switch is turned on, each template has its own page to add +1 to the <Self>Growth variable. 

2. The <Self>Calculations switch gets turned off at the end of day calculations, like in 1.

3. You can change the page conditions on the carrot template event so that the variable needs to be 10 To be harvested instead of 3.

I'd advise reading through all the event comments and the setup instructions, and take a look at the video on the store page as well. :) 

The best way to handle it would probably be to use a variable and decrease it by 1 for every second that passes while the player is using the Button Mash Event. Make a conditional branch so that if the variable goes below zero, it plays a fail event.

You can change the picture positions at the bottom of Common Event 103: Time HUD.  :D

Hm yeah that is really weird, I think it sounds like a problem with the way itch's software handles loading stuff. It's meant to be opened up using RPG Maker MZ anyway so that you can edit the project and see how the assets look in-engine. :D

aaa thanks Grindalf! :D <3

These are so cute and beautifully made! <3 Keep up the amazing work! :D

You could technically add more characters to the bottom if your project is a higher resolution, or if you found a way to shrink each character listing. The positions and stuff are in Common Event 120:

Otherwise, the only other way to add more characters would be to add a "page 2" option. This could probably be done using conditional branches, and just swap the characters around depending on which "page" is being viewed.

Hi, absolutely! Unfortunately there's no way to automate that through itch at the moment, but if you email cazzeh(a) with proof of purchase, I can send you a key to this sheet. :D

Hi! Have the QTB events been edited at all? It should be fine to just call the QTB Common Event as normal and it should play without issue.

Thanks for letting me know! This is super cool, you did a great job with this! :O

Thank you so much! :D My brother will be ecstatic! <3

Haha thanks Harv! I'll pass it on to my bro, he'll love to hear that! <3

Yes, even for the default crops, you need to add any new maps where the player can grow crops into this common event. The player is teleported there when crop growth takes places so that the events can update, and then returned to the map they came from.

Have you made sure to add the new crops map as a teleport event in Common Event 119?

Is the image you're trying to use in the middle "standing" part of the characterset? It might be reading the one from the middle if not.

Hey there, thank you so much! :D

In order from left to right, they're:

Apple (red)
Apple (green)
Herb (basil???)
Herb (chives???)
Bell pepper (yellow)
Bell pepper (red)
Peanut (...not sure this actually counts as a seed but I threw it on the sheet anyway  :D;;;; )
Mushroom (again.. not really a seed but ??? oh well)
Pea pod

Hi, thanks for the report! :D Is the graphic from a characterset or the tileset?

Haha no worries, glad to hear it's working! :D

Hmm, as for the promotion, that is strange.. I haven't set anything up on my end. It should just be $29.99 for the whole Wave 1 bundle, so not sure if maybe there's an issue on itch's side or maybe a cache problem.

Hi, which promotion are you referring to please?

If you are using a different screen resolution, you can move the entire menu around with variables 244 and 245. If the Actor description isn't showing up but the rest of the menu is, you may not have set up one of the conditional branches correctly.

Hi! Yes, they're formatted as OGG files that have a looping section. :D

Ooooh these are great ideas! Thanks Mike! :D I've been wanting to add more stuff for Harvest Moon/Stardew type games, as well as some more cooking ingredients and dishes, so these are some awesome suggestions~ 

I see. Thank you for your feedback, I will take what you have said into account for future products.

You should receive a notification that I'd responded to your other comment. And also, given that you only made two comments in total, I had assumed you would know what I was referring to.. but my bad, I will try not to make those assumptions with you in future. Sorry.

Hi, thanks for the report! Just responded to your other comment about this.

Hi, sorry to hear you're having troubles. This is the first that anyone has brought up issues with the content of the documentation/instructions, so apologies. 

Are you sure there are no clashes between switches and variables in your existing project? And they definitely use the same switch/variable IDs as the template? It sounds like the HUD isn't displaying the correct variables.

Ah! Just found a thread about it on itch's community board too. Seems like they're looking into it! :D

Yeah I think it's a problem between itch and Paypal. Another friend who uses itch was posting what happens when they try to use Paypal, and they're having issues too.. :S Hopefully it's something they get fixed soon! 

That's really weird, it should definitely let you use PayPal.. I've double-checked my Seller Settings and it's set up to take PayPal payments, so it might be a problem on either itch or PP's side at the moment? :<

Yeah I actually just tried it out and Waifu2x does jank them up quite a lot.. I'm hoping to eventually get somebody to make HD icon equivalents for all of my stuff, but that'll be quite a huge undertaking haha! I hope your artist can manage something though, I'd be excited to see what he does with them. :D

Hey there, thank you for asking! Sadly I'm booked full with full-time work at the mo and can't take on any commissions, sorry. :< Were you hoping for the larger versions to still be pixel art, or would 2D art work? Might be easier/cheaper to go for 2D art since high-res pixels could get a little expensive from what I've seen. :D;;

You're also welcome to edit the icons using something like Waifu2x to resize the originals - hopefully something like that could work!

Hi, thank you for reaching out about this! That's totally fine - as long as the credit is provided then it's all good. :D

Haha, thanks! /////