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Cookie Cutter MZ - Quick Time Bar

A project template for RPG Maker MZ. Copy and paste it into your own project to utilize a custom evented QTB system! · By Caz

Activating Bar Only When Player is Next To Event

A topic by Apocalypticat created 87 days ago Views: 27 Replies: 1
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Hi - firstly, great plugin! Customised everything nicely and everything works well - I just have a bit of a question.

I am using this plugin to simulate a "hunting" system - so when the player selects/activates the event from right next to the event, I want the QTB to activate. I got the activation perfectly fine...however, it is activating wherever the player is on the map and if the player presses the allocated button. So, basically, it activates if the player is on the opposite side of the map.
It is at all possible for some input on how this can be done? I will post screenshots if needed. Thanks.


Hey there! That's possible but you'll need to change your event with the activation key so that it can work out the proximity of the event and player. You can do that by using variables to track the X and Y positions of both events, then make another variable that works out the difference between them. Make some conditional branches that only activate the QTB if the proximity variable falls within a certain threshold.