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It could be due to the Visustella Core Engine plugin. Just check under the Visustella Core Engine plugin parameters, under "quality of life
 settings and check that "open console on boot" is off.

Hi - firstly, great plugin! Customised everything nicely and everything works well - I just have a bit of a question.

I am using this plugin to simulate a "hunting" system - so when the player selects/activates the event from right next to the event, I want the QTB to activate. I got the activation perfectly fine...however, it is activating wherever the player is on the map and if the player presses the allocated button. So, basically, it activates if the player is on the opposite side of the map.
It is at all possible for some input on how this can be done? I will post screenshots if needed. Thanks.

Thank you so much! LOL - total noob here, so here I go to try and implement this :P

So, I have added this  eating/drinking system and everything is working perfectly fine (thank you for such a great template!) For the context of my game, the player cannot carry water/drinkables in their inventory, and I would like them to be able to "activate" or "select" water from water sources (all water tiles are marked through region or terrain IDs) which they then immediately drink from.

Is there any way that I can have the player "activate" or "select" the water to cause them to essentially "drink" it?

Thanks in advance!

Completely understand - will def wait a bit to get more packs from you, they are brilliant!

Hi. Great plugin, but for some reason I cannot get it to work. Whenever the player approaches the water, pressing the "swim" key does nothing at all.

Really looking forward to the dungeon and interior sets from you!!

Hi. Perfect plugin, but I just wanted to find out if I can set a certain part of the collision to cause the character to pass behind the collision (behind the item). As an example, the top of a tree.

Would love to have more asset packs from you!

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Hi. I have been trying to purchase this pack several times now - and each time I receive an error message, however, on PayPal it shows that you have claimed the payments and it has been deducted from my account. What is going on? Why can't I access what I paid for a few times now?