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Cookie Cutter MZ - Calendar System

A project template for RPG Maker MZ. Copy and paste it into your own project to utilize a custom evented calendar! · By Caz

Change position of day number and icon?

A topic by CreatureCola created 94 days ago Views: 62 Replies: 2
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is it possible to shift the position of the day's number and the icon shown? I'd prefer it to have the icon bottom right of the square, and number text upper left, instead of both centered left. I was looking through all the settings and did find the UI y position, but that controls both, and also doesn't have an " upper left " just " left, right, or center "
Is it possible for me to change the choices to have no text and just show a picture for the number on top instead so i can place them exactly how i want? or is that not practical? lol
I'm also trying to figure out how to move the entire UI/choices downwards, i have my resolution at 1920x1080 and its way at the top. i got it all moved horizontally but i can't seem to get it to move vertically. 

Edit, i made due with what i could work with and made my own custom backdrops for the calendar so they fit the choice section properly, however i would still like to know if there is a way to show images above choices that you know of, so i can edit the calendar to look more like my own style, and perhaps similar to harvest moon calendars with clearer images that better fit the windows .

Additionally, is there a way to change the " hover " color from blue to custom between pages, or will it use the same image material for ALL UI 'hover' the same throughout my game?
and if possible i'd like to move the " back " button up to the top or even remove its graphic all together from the calendar window,  don't like that its placed in the middle and its kinda ugly, but i don't really want to change it on the entire game

( picture example lol ) 


You can change the text alignment in the Plugin Command before each of the Show Choices in the calendar events. You could also technically make a Picture to go underneath the whole thing so it looks exactly how you'd want it to.

Yes i tried that, but you can't edit it exactly, you can only pick left, right, or center, and i want the text in the upper left corner of the boxes, it doesn't seem like i can change the x and y of the text only. the only way i can precisely move the numbers would be if i move the entire box the number is in, but the number will still be in the same place within the box. also pictures only show up UNDER the choice boxes, so there would be a black square on top of the images, unless of course i made them transparent, but would the highlight effect still work if i did that? 
I think would have to have the numbers be a part of the lower image as well because if i hid the dim black box and moved the text up, the highlight box would move up as well and wouldn't fit over the image underneath anymore. i was hoping there was a way to move ONLY the text within the box without the limits of the 3 placement presets.