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Are you importing this into an existing project? Make sure you're not already using variables that need to be reserved for the farming system, and make sure you're setting the region for farm tiles to 97.

You can change the appearance of the UI by adjusting Common Event 117: Tools UI. You can hide it by using erase picture after waiting a period of for the tool buttons to stop being pressed, or something similar for how you want it to appear.

I'm not at my computer right now but you should be able to find a list on the RPG Maker Web forums for script calls for button inputs, or there are plugins that let you use the full keyboard I believe.

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Ok so i tinkered around with it and i managed to fix the farming system to work on my map, Now i just need to see if there's a way to play with the movement settings so my character turns before they start walking when pressing the arrow keys, its hella annoying trying to hoe the ground when you have to keep backtracking to previous spaces every time you try to move forwards because you walk over the space you want to hoe instead of just facing it xD
 and i'm still having the same problems with the relationship manager not functioning properly, and its got an issue that happens on the demo map so i have no idea what's wrong still, i can't really compare the two files because the main one has the issue lol

Edit: If it helps, i used the " time is flowing " switch and turned it off and on ( like how its set in other events of yours ) and that also set the time to midnight when it turned back on.