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I can't seem to get hovering or clicking of buttons to work. Hovering doesn't change the colour, tool tips don't show, and clicking on buttons doesn't perform the function or open attributes. This happen with release mode on or off.

Any help is appreciated, here's my canvas for reference:

EDIT: So adding an open/close attribute to the buttons enables hover support, however, the scr attribute does not enable hover or click support. The script also won't run if the open/close attributes exist as well. Any ideas as to why this is?

EDIT2: Turns out the scr attribute can not run built-in Game Maker functions. I had to make a quit_game() function that just runs game_end() and it works fine. (I realized my initial pastebin has end_game as a typo, I tried game_end afterwards to no avail)

I can work around this. If it's not something you can implement then no worries, it's definitely not something terribly urgent :)

As much as I would love to update the game further, I was really pushing the token limit in PICO-8 and now there's no more room to add anything else. If I were to make the game any better with all the suggestions I've received from various people it would just become Forager, which is the game this is based on. I may do a sequel in the future with all new mechanics but that won't be for a while unfortunately. 

As much as I would love to update the game further, I was really pushing the token limit in PICO-8 and now there's no more room to add anything else. If I were to make the game any better with all the suggestions I've received from various people it would just become Forager, which is the game this is based on. I may do a sequel in the future with all new mechanics but that won't be for a while unfortunately. 

I've actually updated the game a few days ago adding a New Game+, which gives you more recipies and goals upon escaping the islands after crafting the boat.

I just uploaded windows, mac, linux, and raspi builds that you can download and play on your pc so you don't have to play in web only!

You can! It's in the options on the main menu :)

Yeah I assumed it was more of a test project, just wanted to give my thoughts regardless :p

Is it possible to survive for more than 10 seconds? If not, I feel it'd be a lot more possible if the gun didn't take time to turn when aiming. Way too many enemies way too quickly ;-; Also your screenshot shows a score counter and the download doesn't have that :(

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Stealthscape is a top-down momentum based speed game that has you pitted against a wide variety of enemies and obstacles while you try to quickly make your way to the portal at the end of the stage!

There's tons to explore from campaign stages created by a variety of people, to workshop maps created by people around the world with the built-in stage editor. Unlock customization options for your ship while playing and truly take control of the game.

Each stage in the campaign is created differently, some like to hold your hand, introduce you to new mechanics, and puzzle you, while others can be brutal, unforgiving, and push all your prior knowledge to the extreme.

The campaign is currently WIP, and is being updated over the course of Early Access, check out the itch page for more info.

By vilality to you mean health? If so I'd definitely look into that and regarding sharing games, it's something that could definitely be possible. I'll look into it if I ever come back to this

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IDE v2.2.2.413 Runtime v2.2.2.326

It seems to work fine in a new project. I think it's my own game (or this crash in specific) that's causing problems.
After getting var s and checking if s != "", I have a simple line that checks for a key press and just does "yeet = yote" (yote is not a real variable), and the game didn't crash and instead ran the sentry code.

The crash that I encountered in the original post was in a different room called from a different object, does that have anything to do with it? The object that contains the catch_error code is persistent, so it's not like it's going away, but the crash occurred after entering a different room and was caused by a completely different object so I'm not quite sure what the problem is :/

EDIT: It seems to work fine now actually, it's just the one bug in particular that just crashes the program instantly (I'm referring to the one in the OP and pastebin) 

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I followed this tutorial exactly as is:

And when I encounter a crash, I see normal GMS2 behavior. When adding "crash_error_init();" to my game start it made it so once the game crashed it just closed the game instantly, without running the sentry code (Yes I tried putting a message box or something else in there and they don't trigger either so I don't think it's a problem with GMSentry). When trying to set both fatal and normal modes to _queue, I still see the same results.

If it helps, here's what I'm seeing in console:

The first 7 lines seem like catch_error errors, and then the error I occurred printed out 4 times.

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there's an issue with the extension but I'm posting here in hopes of getting some help :)

Thank you so much! My first ever game with dialogue :) 

Wow. This game is gorgeous. Especially with the updated art/level design. I wish there was more!!

This game is kinda wild, I didn't really understand it at first but ended up loving it more and more as I played! Great job guys!

This is really good for supposedly being your first ever video game (according to what you said on the forums). All of it was put together really well, but I could only ever figure out how to get the bad end :(

This game was actually really fun and it had an interesting art style. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wish you the best!

This game was short and sweet and I loved it. Fantastic game, but I didn't really know if the game was over or not at the end.

I don't know where to go or what I'm supposed to do, so I wasn't able to complete this but the graphics are really nice and the atmosphere was great!

I got relatively far, but got lost very easily. Other than that, pretty solid game!

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I'm not one for twine games, but the writing here is really good. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this and its a really interesting story! Keep up the good work!

Voting is open to the public so anyone can vote, I gave your game my own honest rating and I hope you do the same for me :) 

Really solid game but I feel like there should be a slight cooldown on the attack so you can't spam it, otherwise a fantastic game!

Yeah... It happens though. Jams only grow with time though so maybe next time around it will be better :)

Thank you for the feedback! 

I was thinking of revisiting the project and adding stupid simple stuff like that. It wouldn't be too hard as I could just pull the code from one of my other projects. Definitely something I've been considering already :)

GOTY. In seriousness, fun to play, great music, a nice balance of difficulty, and Jeff. All around good game!

I had fallen through the ground a couple times when attacking and i also teleported around when getting hit, other than that it was perfectly fine!

I made this game for FrogJam and it's the first game where I did the art and music aswell as the programming and I'm actually pretty proud of it.  The music is a little repetitive but I'll probably change the music later.

Hope you like it!

Yeah, after playing Frog Cavern I wish I did it in my game haha, thanks!

Wow, this game excels in every level. Music, art, and gameplay are all fantastic. Great work!

An all around well executed idea, I loved the music, art, and gameplay. movement is a little slow, but even then the games really fun to play.

Easily the funniest game I've played so far. Love the ragdoll physics!

I loved the music and ui but i wish the mouse was hidden and locked and that there were better instructions. Other than that it was fun

Reminds me of those old flash games where you could dress mario or sonic. Nice silly fun and the music is really nice

I love the art, music and sound, and the game's fun to play but there were some minor bugs I encountered and I found it hard to control. Either than that it's great!

Who knew frog + uzi = fun? This is really nice for your first game!

I love the filter but like Milo said there's not much of an incentive. Other than that it's some nice short fun.

It's been a while since I've seen a flash game haha. I found it really easy by just going left and right repetitively while shooing your tongue every once in a while. That aside, looks nice, sounds nice, and plays well.

I love the art and music! Game plays a little slow though, never thought I'd see a game about a skateboarding frog though, great work!