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IDE v2.2.2.413 Runtime v2.2.2.326

It seems to work fine in a new project. I think it's my own game (or this crash in specific) that's causing problems.
After getting var s and checking if s != "", I have a simple line that checks for a key press and just does "yeet = yote" (yote is not a real variable), and the game didn't crash and instead ran the sentry code.

The crash that I encountered in the original post was in a different room called from a different object, does that have anything to do with it? The object that contains the catch_error code is persistent, so it's not like it's going away, but the crash occurred after entering a different room and was caused by a completely different object so I'm not quite sure what the problem is :/

EDIT: It seems to work fine now actually, it's just the one bug in particular that just crashes the program instantly (I'm referring to the one in the OP and pastebin)