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Hey Pageplant, great question.

My hope for The Garden Path is that it strikes a balance between RNG experience and curated experiences, but compared to a game like Stardew Valley it leans far more toward RNG.

There isn't a linear timeline of events - while there are a few fun annual events, content is for the most part gated by what the player chooses to do rather than by a calendar.

Part of the game's philosophy is to make it as quick and clean and possible to get into the sandbox, be it the first or 100th time booting in. After a short ~10-20 minute softly guided tutorial the game runs as it would.

The game's map is randomly generated from a series of connecting pre-designed chunks.

'I shall build that first' or 'I shall focus on this first' will still be what you're asking yourself, but you'll be navigating unpredictable elements like who decides to visit your garden and when, what items vendors decide to stock, which rare items reveal themselves, what rewards you obtain, and which errands/dialogue trees you fall into.

That said, the game is more 'experiential' than Stardew Valley. It's not a resource management game, nor a system building game. It's a sandbox to explore/enjoy for what it is, and for achieving your own goals in shaping the garden, favouring horizontal progression over vertical.

Glad you enjoyed the game - the soundtrack has just become available on Bandcamp for free/name your price

Just small fixes that arose from the last update, not worth a changelog for. Shouldn't affect any saves.

Good catch!

All the art is made using Krita.

Hi Denizonmus, glad you enjoyed Kingdom Ka.

I wouldn't know how to go about making a cursor pack for windows, but I've provided the sheet for the cursors below. Feel free to use them however you wish.

There are plans for a Mac release, it may come later than Windows and Linux due to some additional testing required.

Hi santijpg ~ there is one character that consumes you, and in doing so and eats all your petals. You will want to visit him again to get them back.

Hi Saule ~ this character is happy to endlessly fill up your head with more tea, but in order to enter the Kingdom you'll need an open mind. More of something is not always better.

Let me know if you have any further trouble!

Thanks so much Zea for taking the time to play my game and share it with your community, it was wonderful to hear everyone's thoughts and feelings. Sorry you had some trouble with the scrolling at times, but glad you figured it out in the end. Hope to see you soon with the release of The Garden Path!

Thanks for another great playthrough msBean, really looking forward to seeing its conclusion in the next upload!

A lovely playthrough, thanks msBean! Wonderful to hear that it resonated with you.

Sorry that the text moved a bit too fast at times, definitely something I'll keep in mind from now on in my development.

Thanks for the playthrough, always great to see how people respond to the game. Glad you found the game to be 'different' to anything you've played before.

I'm a big fan! Alas, this game will be maze-free.

Glad to hear you're interested.

So glad to hear it! 

Linux support will absolutely be a top priority and, now that I've moved to Godot, working in Linux will be an important part of its development.

I've decided to roll back the Linux version of Kingdom Ka to the older engine. The main reason the game was ported was to solve a dpi issue in Windows 10 that the newer engine fixed. The user experience between engines is identical on Linux, as far as I can tell.

I'll continue to investigate the issues in the newer engine, but for now this rollback puts us in a much more reliable place for pure playability's sake.

If anyone is having any issues running this game on Linux, do continue to let me know and so I can commit time to investigating.


Hey jmelesky, thanks for letting me know.

There's been a few issues reported since I've ported the game into the new engine that I have been looking into. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I've made some progress and pushed an update - it's always invaluable to get feedback like this especially where Linux installations can vary so greatly.

Thank you - I'm not currently looking to publish my existing games on Steam, but will be sure to consider you as I develop future titles.

Glad to hear it. Will continue to look into which monitor the game uses as best I can.

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A great review - I really appreciate you taking the time to write and publish and show the game your support. 

I've just released version 1.1.0 which I believe addresses some of the issues you were facing - hopefully making for a smoother Linux experience!

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At the moment the soundtrack is available on SoundCloud:

No problem - very much looking forward to your review!

Thanks Nezchan - I've had a few users report similar problems with dual monitors. A fix will be a top priority alongside, optimizing the Linux build, in the next patch this week.

Just had a chance to watch - a really entertaining play through! So glad you enjoyed what portion you played, and I hope you get a chance to return. (I need to see about fixing that fence glitch, I had no idea!)

Thanks so much for your support!

Kingdom Ka is an abstract adventure game that allows you to explore an unusual kingdom built from pattern and collage. The game takes a modern look at ancient proverbs, thought experiments, and philosophical debates through it's many characters and conversations. 

The game was originally my final university project, and has been improved and optimized for 2018.

The game is approximately a 60 minute experience, best enjoyed after a hard day's work, no doubt.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Thanks for your support, and I would love to hear your thoughts below.

A real pleasure watching your playthrough! Glad to see you enjoyed it, and really appreciate you featuring the game - I'll be sure to share :)

Hi all, I'm an artist from the UK, and excited to announce my very first game - 'Crossing to the Cold Valley'. It's a short, but sweet, macabre adventure game. The game plays more like a digital story book, so while there's less 'game', hopefully you'll enjoy the world, characters, music and story.

The game is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. It's either available for free on my website, or, if you think it's worth it, a buck here on With it being my first game, I'll be forever grateful for your patience and communication regarding bugs and performance on the different platforms!

I hope it'll be worth your time, and I'll be here to answer any questions. Take care and enjoy!