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Apologies for the late submission, only just found out about this. Understand if too late.
Would love to include all our games:
Thanks <3

I actually updated it to the same version the other day.

Hey! If you hold Alt as you launch the game and you'll get an option to pick which monitor it opens on :) 

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If that doesn't work try installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redist Package:
32-bit version:
64-bit version:

Can you try reinstalling it? I've just confirmed the download runs fine on Windows 10.

Note these install instructions on the download page:

If you're running a version of Windows prior to Windows 10 you may need to install .NET 4.6:

Hi 420svyat, the Racial Equality Bundle doesn't come with any Steam keys, see the "Please note" on this page:

Regarding the mono issue; can I confirm what operating system and the version of that OS you're using?

Hey, thanks for the bug report! The Steam version has this issue fixed, along with controller support and 8 additional languages.

It's all good! I have uploaded a new build today to Itch, you should give it a go.

It does have some issues regarding text not always showing up, and the beam weapons not cleaning themselves up correctly. I'll be looking into those issues soon and hope to do a new upload in the coming week with many of the immediate bugs fixed.

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G'day 6000j,

I appreciate the feedback!

Turns out our build is horrendously outdated. I'll be pushing the latest build up in the next few days! Watch out for an update.

The good news is a lot more content, far better balance, more weapons! A lot more optimisations! It should run much better.

Thanks for checking it out again! I hope you give it another whirl when it updates


Yes! You could be able to find it on the eShop. There's even a demo!

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G'day 6000j,

We'll eventually have a more stable platform for reporting bugs, but for now feel free to drop us a line at 

Thanks for checking Witch Thief out c:

We were just about to skip selling printed Itch keys because of this issue. Perfect timing, thanks!

@Delta Raider

Yep! You even get a Steam key.

- Calum


Hey LizardWizard, sounds interesting! Please email me at contact 'at' to discuss further =)

- Calum

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Adding naval and air has always been something I've wanted to do and have ideas for. We're keeping the scope of this first game limited - the 12 units that are in there are likely to be the whole roster for Tactical Fronts, but I've got big plans for the future of the Attrition series. =)

- Calum


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You can play the Android and iOS versions for free.


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The new doggolicious game from Cardboard Keep Puzzle Puppers is now on!
We're also matching the Steam discounted price of 20% off!
This game has so many cute dogs its borken' great.

Have a look!