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Wow this makes me feel worse about my submission without proper graphics. Great job though!

This looks awesome!

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I was able to skip the part with the grappling hook in the tutorial by using the explosion gun. If you want players to be forced to use the grappling hook, maybe remove it from the full game's tutorial? But otherwise it's a great game!

Haha this is great!

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Amazing game! But if you double jump against a wall and then triple jump in the other direction immediately you clip through the wall :P

Amazing game: the flow and atmosphere of the game really blend well together. Great job!

Haha thanks that’d be nice 🙂

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This is great! Also, you can activate the infinite sword glitch at any time by holding down x the pausing and unpausing, then you will be stuck in the forward facing charging animation, even while you walk. Then, if you press x again you will start spinning. Then you can pause and unpause again to cancel the animation but continue spinning with just your hands shaking (?)

Nice job!

I feel that this game is largely unfinished and you are able to fly by continuously pressing the jump button which is quite a major oversight