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Cool, anyways thanks again for this assetpack , it helped me a lot .

Hi , will there be a new assetpack that is something like this ? 

Can this be used commercially  ?

is there a 1x scale available ?

Thanks , Can't wait for the next asset packs

will there be new tilesets anytime soon ?

will a 16x16 pack be available at some point the future ? 

omg . I've been waiting for something like this!

does this have 16x16 version ?

Will There be a 16x16 pack available anytime soon ?

No problem . Thanks again for this wonderful tool

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Hi , I used it on a lenovo laptop (sorry I dont know what model. but i'll update it for you tomorrow it might help) and its on windows 10 . 

I'm gonna try it now on my personal pc i'll update you in a bit


It's working fine on my win7 pc. 

Thank you for this awesome tool . This is what I've been finding

Hi , Just discovered this awesome software today. But I have a problem using it .

the open of images and exporting does work , but apparently it wont show my imported images and I can't change all of the controls that is present

Hi , How do I convert this instead of using guns , they have swords or other melee weapons

I completely understand . Thanks for the reply and the awesome packs . 

Will there be a new release anytime soon ?

Hi ! . Will there be a new Asset pack released , anytime soon ? really love your work

Does it have a base character that I can customize?

how many frames is the walking animations ?

will there be any action animations for this ?

Congrats on the release Tim!

Hello , I created a small game using your assets.

Can I use this for a top down action rpg ?

does this have big enemies also ? boss type of monsters

thanks you ,  I was also planning to make an animation that makes the character is holding on a rope then swings

Can I also edit the assets ? like change the jump animation ?