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Hi , Just discovered this awesome software today. But I have a problem using it .

the open of images and exporting does work , but apparently it wont show my imported images and I can't change all of the controls that is present

uh, that's strange. Could you tell me what OS and hardware you are trying on? Have you tried also in other computers? Could you open it from a command line and see if some error appears?

Thanks a lot for the feedback!!

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Hi , I used it on a lenovo laptop (sorry I dont know what model. but i'll update it for you tomorrow it might help) and its on windows 10 . 

I'm gonna try it now on my personal pc i'll update you in a bit


It's working fine on my win7 pc. 

Thank you for this awesome tool . This is what I've been finding

thanks to you for giving me your feedback! I don't know what could cause those issues in your notebook, but if i find anything i'll write you back here! Also, i'm adding a new feature soon, so stay tuned!

No problem . Thanks again for this wonderful tool