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I just uploaded a 4.x version!

Sorry for the delay, i just uploaded a 4.x version!

Yeah, is coming soon, sorry for the delay

It depends a lot on your art, but usually start by using very low values of distance and height, and trying from there.

You know, there is a  "Default Theme Scale" option in the project settings. Maybe that helps?


Hi! The license only applies to the code of the software. You have all the rights to use whatever map you generate with it (as long as you have the rights to use the original image where you generated it from.
So, if you use laigter to generate a normal map from a sprite you have legal right to use, you can use those normal maps in your games, even commercially, without need to give attribution or anything. The maps you generate with laigter are yours.

The license only apply to the code of the tool, not its output.


Oi! A licença se aplica apenas ao código do software. Você tem todos os direitos de usar qualquer mapa que gerar com ele (desde que tenha os direitos de usar a imagem original de onde a gerou). Então, se você usar o laigter para gerar um mapa normal a partir de um sprite que você tem direito legal de usar, você poderá usar esses mapas normais em seus jogos, mesmo comercialmente, sem necessidade de dar atribuição nem nada. Os mapas que você gera com o laigter são seus. A licença se aplica apenas ao código da ferramenta, não à sua saída.

I uploaded a 4.x version. Could you please try if it works on your end?

Still many things to fix, but this is the 4.x version so far. Wait me a bit more and ill have it all fixed!

I dont think godot exposes a way to scale up the theme textures, so that would require to scale everything by hand, including margins, subregions, etc.


Hey! Can you share me a screenshot of the problem? Can you join the Discord server (link in the tool page) and send me details of the issue over there? 

No problem! Im slowly adding support for all the themes. The next one is the Neon, and the next the Metal.

Hey! I still have many tasks behind the schedule, it will take me some time. Im sorry for the delay, but ill do my best to do this as soon as i have some time.

4.x support was added!

You mean like having a high resolution game with a pixel art ui? You still want to see the UI pixelated?

Im in the process of porting this an the neon theme, if you wait me a few days ill may be done with them!

not yet! I have to Port it.

Oh thanks a lot! That wasn't necessary! Also, have in mind that i work on laigter on my free time. These changes can take a while to be implemented.

Ok, ill try to work on it for next release!

Oh, sorry, ill open an issue to fix this in next minor release.

Thanks for letting me know.

Is this for the normal brush? Or you want the generated normals to be limited to those colors?

Thanks! Im glad you like it!

Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. I don't have any plan to change the generation for the time beign to GPU, so it will still be done in CPU in the future.


fshader.glsl only does the rendering. The maps are calculated in the CPU using cimg image processing library. All the code is in image_procecssor.cpp. For the normals, is basically obtaining a heightmap from a distance transform, and the grayscale version of the image, and then using derivative opperators to get the normals.

Everything could be done in shaders (the most difficult part would be the distance transform, which i guess you could do with SDF?). I tried in the past to migrate everything to shaders, but the changes were too much and i didnt have the time. I also never sorted out how to do cli exports without a window if they depend on OpenGL, so CPU was better for that.

Thanks! Im glad you find it useful! I still need to improve the settings for tiles, but that will require more time as it probably implies a rewrite of the presets,.

Sorry, i missunderstood and thought you were refering to the issue opened in github about saving neighbors as presets.
The neighbors were already being saved in the project file, so i checked and it seems that they were being reseted after the load. I just pushed a fix to github. Once i finish the feature of saving the presets ill publish a bugfix release.

Yeah, this has been reported, and im working on a fix. Sadly is taking a long time as my time has become more lmited over time.

Im glad you found this useful!

Thanks! Just write me here or on discord if you find anything! Btw, i just had a friend test it on his Fedora 38 and worked fine for him too. 

Hi! Im not sure what can be happening, as i have the same gpu, and it works fine on my Linux pc (Ubuntu 22.04). I didnt try fedora but i can ask some coworkers to test.

About the negative normal maps, isnt enough to invert the x and y axis?

It is indeed...

Im working on updating all the themes and will release them all together!

Yeah, is a false positive.


yeah thats a good idea. I'm very busy lately with My day job but i'll try to implement it when i have some free time

Yeah! I already started. It will take some time though

I don´t know what changed in godot 4 about UI, once the stable is released, ill probably update all my themes.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Laigter will always be open source!

hey! there is a link to our discord server above on the theme page! Is it not working for you?