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That's great to hear! Would you mind sharing your solution with me, please? You can reply here or send me an email at

Thank you for your comment! Would you please send me an email at with more details and a print of the error? I'd gladly help you solve this issue.


I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with Capsule Wars. Please send an email to with more information on your OS so I could help you. Cheers!

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for your comment! It's nice to hear that you've liked it.


No problems at all! Your feedback was already extremely valuable.


Thanks for being the first to comment!

Haha indeed, they're looking more like beans than capsules right now, but this will change when skins arrive in the game.

Did you play the game with your friends? Please, tell me how it was.


Greetings, folks!

Do you want to chill out with your friends and relieve yourself from the competitive burden a bit? Capsule Wars is the answer!

Capsule Wars is about friendship and fun! Even when you're shooting each other! It is a fast and highly mobile Multiplayer FPS game focused on fun and fun only. Enjoy!

You can check the trailer on our channel on YouTube:

Did you like it? Try with your friends and have fun!

You can download it here:

Version for Windows, MacOSX, and LInux.

Lucas Sene

Busy Weasel Games

Hey, thanks for playing the game! I'm glad to hear you've liked it.

I appreciate your feedback and if I update the game any time soon, I will certainly give it a thought, as it is a great idea indeed.

Greetings, folks!

I'm proud to announce the official release of this casual and nostalgic space shooter, where you are a pilot rescuing carrots while fighting and avoiding enemy ships of the Bad Bunny Empire.

The game was made with the Godot Engine for the Godot Wild Jam #34.

The game features:

  • Nice visuals
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Level progression and ship upgrades

Play it on


Social media:

If you enjoyed the game, please consider following me on and social media.


Lucas Sene Grandchamp

Busy Weasel Games

Hey nice game! And really hard hahaha. Or at least I didn't manage to deliver a single package, I was always killed before reaching the destination. Nice art style and superb music. Congrats!

PS: Do you mind telling me which joint node you used to join the ship and the package together?

Thanks for playing and reviewing my game D4yz! I know, I had a lot of other features that needed to be removed to submit the game in time (I bet it is not a particularity of mine haha), mainly visual feedbacks regarding damage, skills, speed, etc. Thanks.

Really nice and original game! As an astronomy enthusiast, I really enjoyed playing your game. It takes some time to get used to the controls though. Congrats!

Thanks for playing and reviewing my game! I understand and I'll fix the controls after the jam is finished. And nice of you to warn me about the enemies, they lasers will be buffed soon haha

Thanks a lot for playing and reviewing my game!

Good game! The audio is superb, the gameplay feels nice and the art style is great. I just had a bit of a hard time reading the text. Congrats!

Fun game! My highest score was 284, I'm too bad in this kind of game haha. You have the same problem my game has: The closer the mouse to the sprite, the more jitter the movement have.

Nice game! Stressful indeed, but I think this is the exact mood you've aimed for. The controls are a bit weird key combination. I had fun playing the game. Congrats!

Interesting game, and a pretty difficult one! Nice. Maybe a little smaller hitbox on the rabbit? Congrats!

Congrats on submitting a game! Click games are not my thing, but I liked the progression.

Nice! You pulled a rabbit out of your hat! A game in 12 hours is not an easy job, and you've made it. I struggled a bit to get used to the inverted axis though. Congrats!

Nice game. The controls are a bit hard for me, and I didn't manage to fire with the spacebar. Nice presentation. Congrats!

Thanks for playing and rating my game! The controls will be changed after the Jam certainly, and there is a bug that doesn't reset enemy spawn delay after you start a new run, making a new try awfully hard ahaha.

Thanks a lot! You're the second person with this kind of feedback on the controls, I'll definitely change them after the jam is over hahah.

Nice game! As people already said, the idea of using your score as ammo is really nice. My high score was 43, but I'm bad haha. Great work!

Thanks a lot!

Fun game! Congrats! I've really enjoyed the aesthetics too.