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Hahaha! I pulled it for a while because I was wrestling with .csv integrity. Now it should work. Well, at least the file is loaded. The game is untested 💪

Half of it wasn’t working, now it should work, so you’d be able to see some pretty broccoli images too!

More or less!, but I prefer to think of it as broccoli breakdancing* in different parts of the city.

  • now that I fixed it you can actually do more… things..?
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I forgot to add a hint there!

So, cats love small moving objects…


Just throw the ball.

First, just after replying to you, I removed the downloadable version (which I kept because it was the one published before the jam deadline) since many folks were downloading it instead of playing the updated browser version. Sorry for the confusion!

As for the key locations, yes, they appear when needed. It would surely be better if I change some lines so it’s clear that something has changed and you have to check again. Taking note for an updated game version, somewhere in the future, thank you very much!

The game was inspired by a friend’s cat (the sitting and not moving part, at least, and the name puzzle).

hey there, this is reply #100!

Thank you!

It’s been my first time with Adventuron, I found it very easy to use and well documented: I made everything in sort of a “regular” jam timeframe (so, around 48 hours), without any experience with the tool.

If you’re interested there’s a good official videotutorial which teaches you how to write a simple game in half an hour, and the community is really nice.

As for parser game, there’s a jam starting in few days.

Thanks for playing!

As for the issue, if you didn’t play the downloadable version and if it’s not a bug I haven’t tracked down yet,

[SPOILERS AHEAD] you have to examine the door first, then both the table and the coat hanger, in any order. The second one you examine gives you the key.

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Thank you for the feedback!

I found out that the “Please do not the cat” meme is mostly unknown outside of the funny cat pics groups (some of them are even named after this meme), sorry. This is supposed to be the original: (other posts on the page might be NSFW)

As for the confusing thing: [SPOILERS AHEAD] That’s not supposed to happen. You should be able to give the cat the tuna, retaining the chicken in the inventory, so you can later try to give the chicken too (and the other way round). Gonna look into this, thanks for pointing it out!

I don't know the exact reason you are experiencing this issue (I had many crashes trying to download the ones that were more than 500 MB so mine could be a similar issue but with a better connection / PC).

You can look for the games on their website (there's a button in the in-space description) and find out that most of them are available here, on Steam or even directly from their website, often as a pay what you want download or as a demo.

Also look if you have unzipped packages in the downloaded_games folder.

The game couldn't start when on first run I pressed "load" before "new game". I had to kill the program and restart it.

Nice improvements over the jam version!

It looks that the game continuing when the player dies could still be a thing: it happened to me at least falling into the right pit and apparently also dying on the right side spawner. It's a pretty nasty bug, since having to quit the game resets the progress.

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Images are supposed to be saved in 
"It works on my machine!"™

Oh, btw, I updated the game, now it has some real options!