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Thanks for playing!

As for the issue, if you didn’t play the downloadable version and if it’s not a bug I haven’t tracked down yet,

[SPOILERS AHEAD] you have to examine the door first, then both the table and the coat hanger, in any order. The second one you examine gives you the key.


Maybe it's just me, but I can't find the downloadable version...

Coat hanger and table didn't show up examining the room (in the online version), but where there when needed.

The game plot (or maybe scenario, as it is really short) was really funny!

First, just after replying to you, I removed the downloadable version (which I kept because it was the one published before the jam deadline) since many folks were downloading it instead of playing the updated browser version. Sorry for the confusion!

As for the key locations, yes, they appear when needed. It would surely be better if I change some lines so it’s clear that something has changed and you have to check again. Taking note for an updated game version, somewhere in the future, thank you very much!

The game was inspired by a friend’s cat (the sitting and not moving part, at least, and the name puzzle).