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I've been wondering what are the exact differences between the demo and full version of the game. I had killed Archeos on God mode on free already, and I'm considering buying the full version, but I'd like to know if it's worth it :)


It was bugged on Insane, I finished hard mode normally on previous version and played insane on new one.

New version, insane difficulty, Archeos only casts freeze spell (7-8 times in a row). I cleared all the monsters and he couldn't be killed because he didn't spawn new ones.


I think it would be better if you focused on this game instead of making a sequel, it is one of the best puzzle games I've played recently. You could consider releasing it on steam or kickstarter. About multiplayer, you could make it simple by making a "play with 2 heroes mode" and make heroes unable to help each other. Minibosses could be a normal sized monsters with health similar to Archeos or prisons.

If I buy a full version of the game now, do I also get the next versions for free? Or will I have to buy them again?

Some kind of multiplayer/co-op mode would be nice. For example: each player starts with one chosen hero, and fight for who gathers more gold and survives. Other idea is that players could attack each other with the monsters (P1 clicks the group of monsters, P2 gets damaged?).

Minibosses could be also fun. 1 monster per floor with the unique ability, health system a'la Archeos (or different, for example dies when a hero levels up or something), a reward for killing it. I think the more mosters, the better.

I'd love an android version of the game!

Two fishes spawn from the rod when the golem rolls down to an empty column and later is killed. And sometimes the fish shows up later than it should (1-2 turns) with 1 hero.

It's after 2 a.m. and I've spent last 3 hours playing with my boyfriend. We managed to get Adventurer to 10 and Thief to 9 in one game. 3rd hero door didn't spawn (intended or not?). Archeos fight is too random in our opinion - he teleported to the top and was surrounded by cobwebs and stone gargoyles. IMO his skills should be less random, more predictable (the whole game is awesome strategy-wise, and he is just luck dependant). Didn't manage to kill the guy this time because of his teleports :(.

I reaaaallly hope for some local (1computer) multiplayer/co-op mode, it would be so great!

Waiting for updates :). Cheers

In the newest version I started the game with the knight, I was cleaning level 3 from the rats and in one moment the game stopped working (sound worked but graphics got stuck mid rat death animation).

In the version 0,83 I was able to skip Archeos fight by opening the door with a key - but game crashed on level 13 after I tried to use the bow (Main hero Archer, with Knight and Adventurer).

I think that the knight should have an abillity to quickly kill all monsters with 0,5 health - it's quite irritating to spam the rats and bats.

Otherwise, I love this game and I'm waiting for more updates :).