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Some kind of multiplayer/co-op mode would be nice. For example: each player starts with one chosen hero, and fight for who gathers more gold and survives. Other idea is that players could attack each other with the monsters (P1 clicks the group of monsters, P2 gets damaged?).

Minibosses could be also fun. 1 monster per floor with the unique ability, health system a'la Archeos (or different, for example dies when a hero levels up or something), a reward for killing it. I think the more mosters, the better.

I'd love an android version of the game!

The multiplayer / miniboss sounds like good ideas, but to be honest I'm not sure I will have enough energy to work on this...

I was especially interested for the miniboss. I had miniboss on floor 3 and 6 in my initial project but I had to get rid of them to focus on other features. Introducing more health-based boss would also add a reason to design weapons inflicting extra damages. Sounds good but I'm really close to release the project and I'm not sure I want to make that many change right now. Maybe for a sequel if the game is successful...

I plan to make a mac and maybe an android version. I would like them to be ready for 1.0

I think it would be better if you focused on this game instead of making a sequel, it is one of the best puzzle games I've played recently. You could consider releasing it on steam or kickstarter. About multiplayer, you could make it simple by making a "play with 2 heroes mode" and make heroes unable to help each other. Minibosses could be a normal sized monsters with health similar to Archeos or prisons.

I must say this is tempting but I already spend 5 month instead of the 2 I was planning for this game. I really need to check if people might like it before I invest more time. Time to check if the game is sustainable and If I have good results ( need to sell >500 units for that ) I may work on a free extension, like the Faster Than Light team did for people who bought their game.