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Two fishes spawn from the rod when the golem rolls down to an empty column and later is killed. And sometimes the fish shows up later than it should (1-2 turns) with 1 hero.

It's after 2 a.m. and I've spent last 3 hours playing with my boyfriend. We managed to get Adventurer to 10 and Thief to 9 in one game. 3rd hero door didn't spawn (intended or not?). Archeos fight is too random in our opinion - he teleported to the top and was surrounded by cobwebs and stone gargoyles. IMO his skills should be less random, more predictable (the whole game is awesome strategy-wise, and he is just luck dependant). Didn't manage to kill the guy this time because of his teleports :(.

I reaaaallly hope for some local (1computer) multiplayer/co-op mode, it would be so great!

Waiting for updates :). Cheers

Yeah I'm not quite satisfied myslef with the archeos fight right now. I think that more monster refill would make it more enjoyable.

The fish problem is fixed in v0.9