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nice game, all the visual effects and particles make it look really cool! the stages look really nice too. My main point of constructive criticism would be that on the mountain there's a spot where you can just sit and hold down the shoot button and you win, and another similar spot on the volcano that takes a bit of turning but is just as easy. I think adding some sort of reload mechanic would really help combat this so the player can't just shoot indefinitely.

overall though, looks and feels really cool!

Cool looking game, I like the puzzles and the bosses! I have a few minor qualms- not sure if its just me, but the quid boss seems to have a ton of health. also, would be nice if there was a save from the pause menu. and I think it would be super cool to have some minor enemies around the world.

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The same bug happens to me. I think it may have to do with the camera or something

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Yes, I do quite like Risk of Rain. And I totally agree with the  juice thing. I was just running low  on time and energy so I didn't  polish it as much as I wanted too. But, to make up for this, I am planning to update the game when I can upload again: I will add healthbars for the enemies, a sound effect for them being hit, a death animation, and possibly a slight rebalence to make them a little less tanky.

Update: I have completed the changes and have implemented all of these things. Just waiting to upload.

Nice graphics. I like it!

The idea of the player being a bug is very unique, I like it. good job.

Nice, game, fits the theme well. simple, but I like it

Nice game, I loved messing around with the mechanic, but it just felt a little too buggy.

A nice but tough puzzle game. good job!

Nice game, good graphics theme, gameplay, etc. A little bit hard, but still fun. It would be nice if it kept track of score some how.

Nice game, although aren't those some of the Brackeys games lol

I liked the story, and the visuals were pretty cool. The camera view made it so you could't see the ground when you jumped, which was kind of annoying. great game overall though!

One of the best I've played for this jam. Deserves more ratings. Very good game, smooth mechanics, good art, fits theme well. good game!

Nice job! the path finding is kinda cool. I think its nice to see a game made in Ue4, as I haven't seen many in game jams before.

I thought overall the game was pretty cool! it fit the theme, and the art was great. The boss was tough.

nice game, good job. I found one bug, but the game itself is great! (the bug is if you go to the next to the right and then go left again when in the next room you fall down)