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Really cool idea and very well executed. I could toil away far too many hours on this game haha. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this!

There's something so familiar about this... :)
Great work gare, pretty good for 48 hours!!

This was a great mechanic and the progression of it was quite smooth. I feel like not being able to see any information about the other dimension at all until switching felt a bit odd, maybe the player could have some expendable way of viewing portions without actually crossing over - but i really enjoyed it!
(I literally just finished watching Fringe for Nth time so this idea felt very familiar haha)

Great mechanic, well done!

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Hey there fellow itchionian - check out my first full release game, Pizza Death!   (50% off for the next week!)


You are Dougie - a pizza delivery boy just trying to survive your shift at work while avoiding the endless pizza-themed monsters and perils that stand in your way! Crustgoons, Meat Monsters and even Kamikaze Kabanossi want nothing more than to prevent you from delivering the pizzas cooked by your demonic boss, Nonna Morté! Fast-paced and unforgiving, this brutal retro shooter will satisfy your hunger for action! ...and probably make you pretty hungry in the process ;)

The game was made by myself and my friend, we are the drummer and singer respectively of the crossover thrash band Pizza Death. We thought it would be fun to make a game to coincide with our bands first album release and while it was fun, it was also much more work than we thought!! But we are stoked with how it ended up. I'm particularly proud of the chiptune soundtrack, which is a NES VRC6 cover version of Pizza Death's entire debut album! can also unlock the real album tracks by finding secrets in the game!!

The game was released on Steam a little while back and actually developed a small speedrunning community, if you have the need for speed see if you can take top spot!! <3

It looks this was your first gamejam, so good on you for giving it a go! My poor spacebar has taken a beating haha ;)

I loved the look and feel, but as others have said had a very hard time with the controls. Great effort, I hope you develop it further!

Good job on putting this amount of content in only 2 weeks! I loved the look too, although some of the stealth and movement mechanics could use a polish - well done!

Good job getting your first Godot project setup and looking good! Hopefully you have a bit more time for next jam you do to develop your idea further :)

Well done, the ideas here are really solid, would love to see it with a little more polish!

Hey, thanks so much for the detailed feedback!
Saving progress was pretty much the next thing on our list when we ran out of time, but we considered it a low priority as most players during the jam are just gonna give it single red-hot go :)
Thanks again for playing!

Haha, you could say he's riddligious! Thanks for checking it out :)

Hey Polyducks, thanks for checking it out and thanks for a really fun jam! This was our first time participating in GB JAM :)
You certainly weren't alone in finding the puzzles a bit too cryptic - one of our playtesters described it as a "puzzle gamers puzzle game". We get very mixed reviews about the difficulty and it was the biggest design challenge we faced by far.
Thanks again - we're looking forward to GB  JAM 11 already!! ;)

Thanks so much for checking it out! One of our earliest design goals was to capture that feeling of when you're a kid and all you've got is the manual and the cartridge - you're a little confused but you really wanna piece it all together!! :)

You must like puzzles a lot, most find them way too hard! Sounds like you were our target audience :) Glad you had fun!!

Thanks! Gameboy soul was probably the thing we focused most on. We imagined a kid sitting in the corner of their room, gameboy in one hand and manual in the other, trying to not explode :)

Thanks for checking it out!

This was a brave idea for a game jam! I think you did well with the time constraint :)
The main problem i had (aside from the idling part at the start which i understand was a design decision), was that I didn't really know what a lot of the shop/mayor purchases did. I kind of had a rough idea but some sort of tooltip or info button would have gone a long way to at least make me think my decisions weren't as random :)
I also didn't find the shop for quite a while :) maybe that was just me but it wasn't obvious to me at first.
I finished in 308 days by eventually going all in on nuclear and realising that migration massively sped up population growth :)

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Hey, great job on the look and feel of this game. The music and visuals are really spot on for this type of game. As others have mentioned it was a real struggle without a map, I also found it a bit odd that i could only heal during combat - but if I was a kid again with my gameboy and more time i'm sure i would have loved exploring this world :)

Hey, i really like the look of your game!
I had a few issues with it but overall its a solid idea and I hope you keep working on it. The things that stood out to me in my short playthrough were
- native resolution was 1:1 which was too small for me to play at so my only option was to fullscreen which filtered the graphics making everything blurry
- the attack delay felt a bit too long, found that a bit frustrating
- the initial enemies have 3 health!! thats a little thing but could be nice to start the player off with some easier to kill enemies right from the start :)
Great job!

Hi - I gave this one a few goes but the controls didn't seem to do anything. A few times they seemed to respond for a second but I just kept running out of time. Maybe the web build needed more testing?
Hopefully its just a problem on my end :(

Hey nice job!

I really like the vibe of this one, has some nice original mario bros vibes :)

I feel like the grid option detracts from your game though. To me it looks better with it off and when its on it doesn't look as much like the gameboy to me. If this had a bit more consistency in the platforming physics I could have fun with it for a long time! I found the mid-air control a bit frustrating - but perhaps that is part of the charm! :)

Keep up the great work!

Hey, I really liked your game!

The pixel art looks really nice and the controls feel good - it is pretty dang hard though!! My main suggestion would be for the level to start with some easier jumps, so the player can learn the platforming mechanics without as much pressure. Keep up the good work!

cheers Ben, i'm sure i will :)

Nice one Garebear, now get back to Spelunky!!!

Yo! Killer time GG!
Thanks for playing :)

Here's my fastest time! If you can beat it post a pic here :)