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I don't think this game needs enemies getting a damage multiplier if the battle drags on.  The first character's tanking strategy is already penalized by the fact that fights taking longer = less progress per hour for the player.

I like the concept!  My only complaint is that you don't seem to have much control over your deckbuilding.  The only way to remove cards is via "remove a random card to gain 5 HP", and it looks like I need to take all the available cards in order to refresh the pool of cards available to take.

Some things that would be nice:

- Show the cards selecting a god gives you on the god select screen (I think the app had this, though it might not have been right on the god select screen?)

- Let us go back and look at the front of the decision card after looking at the options (I tried clicking the barely-visible bottom of the card because I thought it would do this, but instead it caused the game to break.)

Underhand community · Created a new topic Impossible runs

This version seems to have a pretty high probability of giving 'impossible' runs - sets of cards in the deck that can't realistically be used to make progress.  (For example, "the gods demand sacrifice" with only the Milkman as a source of cultists/prisoners, or "Tax Break" with no cards that allow spending money or food).  Perhaps the app had some safeguards to prevent this from happening?

Just started playing, so maybe this feeling will diminish over time, but... it all just feels meaninglessly random.  There's no hint as to what the cards will do, and the effects don't seem to resemble what I would predict from the description, so I just click things at random and get random effects and it's all just whatever.

I'm confused about how dying works.  My first playthrough, I died to the final boss; my second playthrough, I spent multiple turns in a fully-despaired state (taking more hits in the process), but still managed to kill the boss and win.

I enjoy winning and all, but... why didn't I lose?

"Cultivate some of the good stuff" was a nasty shock.  I had been foraging and trading my herbs for food, not feeling like making my own potions was worth it yet.

I unlocked Cultivation just to see what it was, and... I lost the ability to trade herbs for food, and on top of that didn't get back the population that I had working that task.

I assume you can probably get out of it if you pay off Death the same number of times the City Guard looped at the start.  For me that was a lot of times, though, so I didn't have much hope of getting out of it.

Oh, the +20/+10 mace got changed to that!  I see.

Something very strange has happened.

My cleric turned into a paladin.  Not all the way; she's still a cleric, but she has most of the paladin moves listed alongside her cleric moves.

She's a level 19 cleric, which every skill before the permanent skill selected.  She appears to have every cleric move, but only most of the paladin moves; specifically, she has Bless Weapon, Pray, Faith's Blessing, Holy Light, Communal Prayer, and Illuminate.

As paladin moves are better than cleric moves, I'm going to be picking those.  (But this is probably a bug.)

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Particularly strangely... after the update, I now have five infinite "Sword+1"s, but I don't actually have an infinite set of "Sword+1"s.  I equipped one of those five "Sword+1"s and it turned out to be cursed.

(EDIT: No, I did have an infinite set.  It was just sorted to the end of the list, so I didn't notice the "Inf" indicator.)

So... bug report:

I simultaneously ran out of health tokens and overfilled my token capacity.  That's what caused the bug.  (Probably reproducible.)

At that point, the city guard popped up.  ...and popped up again.  ...and popped up again.  An endless loop, never letting me respond... I only had one possible action...

I used my power.  Repeatedly, until I got below my token capacity.  The city guard went away, and Death appeared.

I corrupted Death.  Two shiny corruption tokens, netting me three health tokens.  Death went away... and came right back.

Hmm.  I gave him some more tokens... he came right back.  I gave him some more tokens... he came right back.  I gave him my last three non-health tokens... he came right back.

Now I'm sitting there with a full inventory of health tokens, four of them shiny.  HMM...

...I corrupted him with two shiny health tokens.  City guard comes back.  I give him all my new charisma tokens, and the extra health token.

Death reappears.  And then... with a full inventory of health tokens...

...I accept my fate.

Sometimes, while dungeoneering, I find an item that I already have infinite of.  Invariably, this turns out to be a cursed item that simply isn't revealed.  However, it doesn't have the usual "?" symbol for an unrevealed item; it looks identical to a safe, revealed infinite item, except for the detail that it doesn't merge with the other infinite items when I get back to camp.

I'm pretty sure this is unintended.

Prisoners?  Yeah, they're pretty good.  Excellent tanks, with some useful buffs and the helpful ability to increase their own lust constantly.

They're mostly held back by the fact that "tank" isn't all that useful a role compared to "healer" or "damage dealer".  (It doesn't help that enemies will often just ignore the "taunt" token.  I'm looking at you, Weakness Scanner.)

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I should acknowledge... I don't actually use my ideal party.  It's great for winning fights, but my goal is usually to level up characters, which tends to mean I use just the paladin and the maid while the other party slots are occupied by rubbish characters that I'm trying to level.

But... to clarify some things about my ideal party:

- The paladin needs Flagellate and Faith's Blessing.  This lets her heal the entire party for 9 HP per turn, which no other class can keep up with.  If you don't need quite that much healing, then the paladin can also Smite for heavy damage.  (Minimum level: 3)

- The mage needs Flashfire.  (Minimum level: 6)  While climbing levels, she can make do with Firestream, but that's much less impressive.

- The maid needs Dust Storm, and must equip the pink feather duster.  (Minimum level: 5)  Conveniently, maids you find in dungeons start at level 7, meaning they can also take Quick Service and outspeed the Alchemist.  This is good because the maid excels at removing all the enemy block tokens, which the alchemist has trouble dealing with.

- The Alchemist works pretty well from the start, but it's very worth getting her to level 4 for Swiftburn Powder.  A level 4 or higher alchemist can sometimes open the fight by killing 3 enemies before they get a turn.

My ideal party is a paladin, a mage, an alchemist and a maid.  (Yes, maids are that good.  Especially if it's Homura.)

I'm finding that paladins, mages and alchemists are far more powerful than the other non-cursed classes.  My nobles and rogues are feeling more 'cursed' than my maids and cows.  (Though, the "Pet" cursed class seems to be remarkably weak even for a cursed class.)

It isn't.  It's on the Quests screen, which is one of the buttons in the lower-right corner of your base.

The Quests for "have 4 elite X" are showing "3/4" to me, but I only have one elite in my entire guild.  I think it's counting Veterans.

How do I get my ratizens to fight?  I dug down, found an enemy... and the enemy sent an army into my base.  The tutorial was just telling me how to fight them all by myself, but I couldn't win that way.

I assume that if the entire city (or maybe just half the city) had mobilized against the invaders, we would have won, but the ratizens didn't do that automatically and I couldn't find a button for it.

Whoa, is the number of dungeons on the map finite?

If so... well, you can still get unlimited elite dungeons by intentionally getting someone kidnapped, then immediately rescuing them.

The fact that grappling enemies can rearrange my party through Immobilized has created some frustrating situations where I start a battle with an immobilized character in the front position, only able to attack from the front... then my ranger gets grappled to the front, and there's no way to get either character back to a position where they can act.  (Or to move anyone else, for that matter, because an immobilized character in the middle blocks nearly all non-grapple movement.)

Forevix's personal quirk is less useful than I expected.  I thought it would show me the contents of every room (as though I had visited an adjacent room), but instead it... shows every room as empty.  In some ways, that makes the map less useful than it was before, because I have to remember which rooms are really empty and which ones I've verified are empty.

While it's easy to get kidnapped, it turns out that "cursed" classes can fight just fine.  Go into battle with a prisoner, a cow, a maid and a pony and you can clear dungeons at their level.  Then you reach Veteran in the cursed classes, take the permanent bonus upgrade, and finally class change the toons back to the non-cursed class they were supposed to be.  Nothing is really lost.

Also, certain cursed items can be extremely powerful once uncursed.  I'm thinking of the pet class's collar, the maid's pink feather duster, and the spidersilk panties.

...and later on, getting kidnapped can be an effective way to yank the more troublesome cursed items off your characters, if you're confident you can do the rescue mission quickly (and value the 5 favor it would cost to church the item off more than you value the 50 mana it costs for a class change).

Is the online version not the latest version?

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I just had a dungeon rolled with no route to the exit.

I left and came back, and the next time there was no passage out of the starting room.

These random mishaps are made more serious by the fact that this game is very good at preventing savescumming.  I have no recourse but to retreat from the dungeon with nothing, wasting a day.

(In case it matters, this is an elite cavern mission provided as part of a quest.)

Would be nice to have a way to respec skills.  I mistakenly trained a Prisoner down the wrong skill path because I was used to training Maids, which have the permanent skills flipped the other way around.

"High-quality" in the description suggests to me that perfectionism is the problem.  A.k.a. not willing to go through the intermediate stages of having a passable game before having an excellent game.

Failing that, you could also have the game restart the current level if you lose (get checkmated or fail to meet the charm quota if the game ends by turn limit).  That would solve the main problem of the game getting harder through a series of losses.

Really needs a way to save the game.  It sucks to lose a game and then be set back permanently (because the battles keep getting harder, and you're not going to be able to win again if you lose several times in a row).

I've completed the game as it currently stands (unlocked every building and completed every quest, except the bugged ones I mention below).

The quests "Find Suvi's Ring" and "Pay the Witch" appear to be impossible due to bugs.  (I actually managed to click the correct square in "Find Suvi's Ring" once, but the quest still announced a failure.)

The Wizard's Tower promised me spells, but when I finally managed to build it I got nothing.  I'm guessing that isn't implemented yet.  (I did only build the Wizard's Tower in one area, though; getting the required artifacts is hard.)

The quest popups were annoying at the start, but eventually I got through all those pesky quests and... the levelup pings became the annoying part.  It turns out that by the time you have enough income to be building in the later areas, you level up about once per second.

I find that the RNG in combat doesn't work well with the wellness loss when your character gets hit.  Despite having plenty of HP, I find myself savescumming whenever my character gets hit for even a small amount of damage... because wellness is a limited resource that I need to accumulate a large amount of.  (On the other hand, Billy or Suong getting killed in combat over and over is fine, because the only consequence is them being unavailable for the rest of the fight.)

...oh, it's just killing humanoids and abominations that change my morality?  THAT'S my problem... I've been just killing all the animals (including most the spiders in the mine, still can't handle killing all of them in one day) and hoping to get "used to killing" just off those -1 morale kills.

...but the net effect of all the things I'm doing (killing everything I can, talking to everyone, doing as many quests as possible... i.e. completionist behavior) seems to be to gain Good, not Evil; and I generally prefer to be Good in games anyway.  So I'm only going to get the Good perks, not the Evil perks.

Oh crap, now you have to be "evil" to not get a mood penalty for killing?  I was wondering why constantly killing things (to the point where characters were telling me I was used to killing things) wasn't helping with mood (I was wiping out my kills by doing even more good deeds).  That makes the "Psychopath" trait extremely important.

Currently the soft reset doesn't work right - after the soft reset hits, your population manages to tick up by 1 before the game actually pauses, causing the reset button to vanish.  If you blinked and missed it, then it looks like the game just stopped, which is easy to mistake for a 'game over'.

Figured it out - scroll by dragging with the mouse.

My light covers 32.19% of the world.  Looks more like 100% to me... where's the rest of the world?

This is a problem in the "prestige" route too, but at least it isn't a hard wall that way.