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Hey, I know it's been 2 years already so you probably don't even care about a reply anymore, but I probably let my itch notifications slip past me...

Anyways, this is odd... I'm trying to remember off the top of my head what were the requirements to get more pets and I think maybe you need to have an adult Cheebs before another kind of egg will appear.

I really like the concept of this game, it reminds me of a game I made for LD once, but with a lot more focus on the tower defense. It started very well but it did get a bit boring later on as you can just build as many towers as possible and farm for more, I was expecting the tumbleweeds to get tougher somehow...

As one tidbit, the Flee button didn't work for me. I did like it very much, still.

This was a really ingenious platform at times, the leves get pretty hard pretty fast (I realize I hate those disappearing platforms). I especially like the connect/disconnect mechanics, though, it makes for some really clever puzzle mechanics.

I honestly am not sure I get why they're bombs, but that counts for originality for me. :V

That was a very ineresting way of twisting the connection theme into a puzzle game that honestly I think I'd enjoy a lot (electronics/physics puzzles are quite fun for me), and I must say I really enjoy the graphic style of it which gels nicely with the grid-based gameplay. Really good job and also quite the output of levels (I haven't played them all right now, even)

It took me about a week to actually come and download the game and play it and I already regret taking so long to commit because this game is so good. It is definitely the reverse colonization game we needed.

(It's kind of a shame that the very satisfying biome mechanics don't show up until the second half of the second level)

Yes, I've designed each sectin with the line at the bottom as decoration and a cheeky way for me to know when the algorithm was adding a new one. :P Very well observed!

With one small bugfix related to the enemy routes.

Gameplay is still the same, and yes, I've been told it's a tad slow. XD

I actually beat this game before it was available online :V

I'm going to have to figure if this can run in Linux just so I can try it.

I'm very happy to know this game was made. You rock, ladies! :D

I really like that this is an RTS made in 64x64 :V

Getting the controls was simple, and after that the gameplay is pretty intuitive, or at least I think it'd be for strategy players. Unfortunately I can't say keyboard-based RTS controls are the best, but the game is fun nonetheless.

I think what I wish was to somehow expand the garden and maybe affect bee production in some way, but this is a very good and fun prototype nonetheless. :)

Nice simple puzzle, with a fun theme to it. The use of colors to indicate the mood relative to each person's preference is a clever cue.

I'm not sure if it'd be better or worse to have the sprites match each person's preference(like, blond guy always wants only one neighbor, and so on), so I'll just leave it at that. :P

Love the graphics on this one, it's really a gem of gameboy graphics right here. Even the game sprite of the duck is simplified just right so it doesn't look so underwhelming compared to the kickass duck in the title screen :V Another great thing are the effects, the little screen shake when the raindrop hits is just a lovely touch!

Gameplay is simple and nice, but it's overall pointless. It could at least have some sort of ending(I reached the right side of the field and it just kept going). But it's a very fun prototype.

This is a very great simple game, and it's a jam game about jam. I'm very much amused. :D

Besides the team, I love the simple gameplay, I didn't quite get that the spoons were spoons that I was supposed to aboid, but I got that rather quickly(by trying and failing, yes :P) I absolutely love that the spilled jam slows you down, it's one of those things that just makes sense, but also could easily not have been done and show some real attention put on the design. Love it. :D

Two nitpicks: the sound for jam collection is a bit... well, not "jammy", I guess, and it could use at least some music in the background to distract.

(And yes, I know, my game has no SFX and I'm here nitpicking :P Well, the cons just highlight the great pros, really :V )

I liked the setting of the game very much, and the short is just as simple as it needs to be. The visuals of the battle and the victory pose are well rendered, too, that's a fine looking sunset! :V The song, I liked very much, could just use a bit of tuning to be more seamless when it loops. :P

Only big problem with the game is the pacing. It's really slow, and unless you know where you're going to(and you can't possibly, because there's no map) you can get stuck walking in loops rather slowly. It really could use better navigation or at least a run button.