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Woops forgot to include that! thanks for pointing it out, should be MIT 👍

I have considered other platforms, I don't know if they support GDScript - will do some investigating c:

That's a really good idea!!

Update going out when 4.1 drops! which should be very soon c:

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Heya, thanks for the feedback - the discord server is the best place for support and feedback.

I think you're right and I can word that more helpfully, it is difficult to strike a balance between providing accurate information and not distracting beginners with stuff that isn't immediately relevant and this leans too far the wrong way (Especially me saying it is a Node which is straight up wrong) - I do like your recommendation though and will make the following change:

Using the @ symbol in this way is a new syntax specific to Godot 4. It is the first character for a specific kind of keyword called an annotation. The annotation @onready indicates that the variable is related to a Node in the scene tree. Just before the scripts _ready function is called the @onready variables are evaluated, as a result, we can use these variables in our _ready() function.

If you have any more thoughts please do chat with me on the server, I'm always happy to hear ways to improve the course for everyone 😃

Heya, yes the project is still active - I'm currently deep in the throes of writing the making a 3D platformer guide - when that is wrapped up I'll be bring the project up to date with the latest beta version

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Sorry to hear that! I am adding in game settings at the moment but you can open Project Settings and manually set properties like anti aliasing, SSAO and SSIL at the moment for a smoother experience :(

I don't think there's a wrong way to get started, either reading the existing materials or openning the project in the latest beta version and seeing how all the pieces fit together, opening any scenes you're interested in when you run them :)

Heya! The video from 9:25 covers most of whats in the course at the moment.

And this blogpost has a roadmap for much of the content although all the dates are now wrong, but it does show the intended content at least:

Unfortunately I don't have any immediate plans to cover C# as I don't have any personal experience with the language - that could change if I see lots of demand for it though :)

Thanks for the feedback I do really appreciate it and want to make the course the best it can be so no worries at all ^^

I've just been adding some settings options to the demo, so that should help out for getting better performance options - I've just made a task for myself to test the mac version some more as well :)

Heya, here is the current roadmap but its not been updated in some time unfortunately - visual shaders and multiplayer would make great topics though I'll add them for considerations c:

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Heya, thanks for getting in touch! The course contains the source code for the demo, as well as written guides on a bunch of the new features in Godot 4. The end of the video in this post covers the contents fairly comprehensively

I would love to include videos but I haven't figured out a good way to distribute them sadly, so for the moment all my video content is public on youtube

Hey thanks a bunch for getting in touch, that's the latest version for beta 1 I put out last night so apologies for any issues in there: I've got a public discord server where I offer support and can try to figure out what's going on :)

Heya! The course is currently under development, so what's included at present is the source code for the demo as a whole as well as these chapters i've finished writing, which focus more on transitioning from Godot 3 to Godot 4 and explaining the new features and how to use them.

This devlog contains the content to be added, but the dates are innacurate:

Hope that helps c:

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Thankyou and there is a discord! DM Me in there and I'll give you the supporter role with access to the course support channels ^^ 

Thanks! Great point I'll add that in for the next update c:

You may be happy to know I just got a Macbook, so I'll be focussing a lot more on getting that support ready next week c:

Worth noting: there is currently a known crash in the VolumetricFog demo on Windows 11

Thanks for pointing this out!! I forgot to enable stripe🤦‍♂️

That should be available now c:


I'd very happily offer that, I'll see how to make it work with itch :)

That is the plan! Godot 4 seems a bit sketchy on mac at present though so expect more support from me a bit further down the line

I'd say so - It's all about introductions and use cases for the new content in Godot 4 - So it should be ideal for beginners and people looking to make the switch from Godot 3 to 4 c:

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They're gorgeous - What's the licensing like?

Absolutely stunning! visuals are tip top and it's really intuitive with nice sound direction too, I would like to see a way to get two hints about a recipe as I found myself making recipes a couple times in a row to get more information, very zen and well done ^^

felt like I was in a fever dream in a good way :') The walking animation is really fun too, I also think the levels and characters have a charming look about them too, good job c:

that spritesheet is so clean! really attractive animations on all the checkpoints and oregano leaves, really cute music to boot - awesome work!

I love games like this! it felt a bit odd not keeping upgrades between runs but I had a real blast playing, definitely managed to get a nice feel of momnentum too!

Very clean and a really nice use of the assets, great job!

ahh hadn't thought about this as it defaults to 1920x1080, if you hold the windows key and push up it should center and go fullscreen, and in the settings menu there is a fullscreen option too

that's really great to hear thankyou! And those are great prompts if I end up adding to the project that's on the list ^^

checkpoints would be a huge plus, I quite liked the ability to cling to walls. Good job!

really cute! and lots of lovely polish too good job c:

thankyou! sure I'll have a nose :)

thankyou! tbh I'm happy with the aesthetic I got, I'm a terrible artist so I think simple is best for me xD


haha really unique - took some time to wrap my head around but its a really cool idea. good job!

strong on the theme! i think theres potential for a fun mobile game here with larger people and a faster pace - really great job c:

Really awesome! low key one of my favourite games I've played so far me and my partenr got a big chuckle when the boss was made of text ^^

Awesome aesthetic! and love to see godot engine stuff! the ball rolling is really novel - cool stuff Rangaz c: