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ChickenFly - Godot Wild Jam 31View game page

Escape from humans! An endless flyer where you need to go as far as possible
Submitted by SnoozeTime — 12 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
An endless flyer where you are a chicken that cannot fly

Sure !

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snoozetimw #2670

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I love games like this! it felt a bit odd not keeping upgrades between runs but I had a real blast playing, definitely managed to get a nice feel of momnentum too!


Nice! Audio is very satisfying. And I love how the background just flies by. Game was bugged the first two times for me: I tried on Mac and it was just a black screen, then I tried on browser and I could see graphics but I couldn't jump. Glad I gave it a third try and got to actually play.

This game kinda gives me hedgehog launcher vibes lol.


VERY fun game. You did a great job making things feel satisfying.

I think I spent more time on this than any other game in the jam so far :D

Nice job!


I love these kinda games. Camera was a bit buggy but it was still enjoyable.  The sound effects and cartoon art were very funny. 


Camera was very difficult to deal with as it was flying all over the place for me (not sure why). In general I think the game was pretty interesting and you could make it work with some bug fixes and just a lot of small improvements.


Yeah the camera seems like a common problem. I didn't observe that on my computer but it's definitively a problem for some people...


i love this kind of game, the camera get a little buggy, but was a nice experience overall. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Incredibly fun game! Good job on the art and sound effects, they were very fitting! I was a little disappointed the $1000 upgrade does nothing xD Also the Rocket is pretty OP :D (6711m Personal best)


Yeah the rocket is ridiculous :D

There is maybe a bug with the 1000$ that prevent displaying the new sprite. It should provide a better cannon with stronger force at the beginning.


Maybe because it seemed like nothing changed. My money stayed the same, the $1000 option didn't disable, and the cannon stayed the same


Hum yes that's not normal. thanks for the report


Funny game! I got up to a little over 12000m... pure luck or talent I dont know ? 


I loved the game, it was very nice! The chicken seemed a bit buggy, though that may just be me. I would recommend just making the camera a child of the chicken, though you may have done that already. I also didn't really see how it fit the theme, though that might just be because I am stupid lol. Overall pretty solid game dude!


Thanks for the feedback! The camera is actually not parented to the player because I was experimenting with some stuff so indeed it might be a bit buggy :O

Something's missing is the ability to fly, so you need to go as far as possible to escape. Granted,  it's not super clear :D


Nice game! Got 2728 meters! Cartoon arts style tickled me.