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Sorry, that was my bad! I accidentally set the link to hidden. It should be fixed now :|

Sorry, that was my bad! I accidentally set the link to hidden

Nice work peeps! It's a really simple concept, but you've still managed to get a really good build in tension. It might be nice to have the 'days' be clearer - like with a day/night cycle, just so that you can feel the progression and achievement more as you play. The art is super cool as well. I hope you keep working on this!

Oh wow! I didn't even notice that button. Thanks for pointing it out.

It would be great if you could link your LD game page, so that we can go and give it a rating and feedback over there if we've come through itch.

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Thanks for playing dude. Great feedback as well. Seems there is a communication gap; you can click (red) debris to destroy it, so that your orbit space is cleared up. I'll update the description to explain that. Thanks for pointing it out though. And the musical idea is great! Trust you to come up with genius like that.

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Thanks for the great feedback! We'll definitely take that all into account for future updates.

Thanks for playing!