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Bouncy Castle Games

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This was fun and very chill! Loved riding turtle back! Great work!!

Thanks for all your feedback! As for the shooting timing, we've discussed this amongst our team and believe it's an issue of the trigger and release thresholds being too marginal, so for all intents and purposes, you need to fully release the trigger before pulling again for it to recognize it's a new shot. We'll adjust the sensitivity if we end up going back to debug after the jam. Thanks again!

Very neat concept and I loved the aesthetic! Nice job!

This was super original and fun! The briefcase was a great mechanic and felt very intuitive! Was a blast and I felt like a badass! Great work!

I had some issues with throwing the shuriken, but was fun when I did get a shot off! I REALLY liked the blocking aspect and really had fun focusing on that aspect of it. Nice job!

Loved the smash therapy! Fun concept and rather addicting smacking bowling balls everywhere lol Nice job!

Great gun play! Loved spinning the around the car trying to shoot at everything! Good work!

Loved the setting and great job with the mechanics! Throwing the papers felt really natural and made me feel better at throwing things than I am lmao

Loved the setting and great job with the mechanics! Throwing the papers felt really natural and made me feel better at throwing things than I am lmao

Great voice acting, environment, and concept! Fun and funny! Great work!

Thanks you so much! We really appreciate your kind words and support! We've been working on updates based on everyone's feedback and will be publishing an updated version, which should make the gameplay more clear, once the jam is over.

Thanks for the comment! We really appreciate it!

This was a team effort from filethirteenlunaticlucasrokugin, Bear Jake, and SymbioticParker.

WOW! The character movement felt really great and the sprites/animations were just next level! I wanna just to run around an entire world as those kittens <3

Wow! This was so impressive! The game is so polished, legit looks like a completed and published mobile game.  Great work <3

This game was neat and reminded me of playing a Game Boy <3

The gameplay was incredibly robust, especially considering the timeframe. Also, I really loved the characters!

Incredibly well done and very satisfying to solve. Also, smooth/fun just to move around!

Fun shooter that served me nostalgic vibes!

Great art and super creative!

I love the theme of this and the very clever gameplay

Thank you! We like to focus on making it fun to live in and move around in the spaces we create, so we're glad to hear that had a good feel to it!

Sorry for the problems, but thank you for taking the time to play. Doing these jams has really helped us improve, so we appreciate your constructive feedback.

Looks great and the sound design is amazing!

This was so well done! Very clever and well polished <3

Very polished! Great job!

Super cute! I love the sound design;  incredible!

Very cute and great sound design!

Love the look <3 Very clever

Neat idea

The Windows version should run much better if you're having issues with the browser. Thanks for checking our game out <3

Thanks for your feedback! We were able to add a couple of things to play with on the island with our extra time yesterday. Hope you get a chance to check it out. Thanks!

This game is fuckin incredible! Great concept, mechanics, puzzles, music, and art; this game has it all! Pretty damn impressive, esp for a game jam creation. Would love to see a full version of this one day <3