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I think we had the same idea with complete different implementations. :D


Feels like it needs a better indication of when the controls are going to change and when they have changed.

It was frustrating that my bullets would sometimes hit their bullets instead of them.

Reminds me of some time management games I used to play but with a twist.

Great presentation! 

I wasn't sure what was going on. I gave everyone education and they rejected me!

I'd like a better indicator of when the bloof changes were going to happen.

I was confused when I had to hit Space to get to the next line and instead kept trying to hit Enter. Also, the monkey messing up my typing right as I hit space wasn't nice. :(

Solid game.

Short but sweet.

Wasn't sure how far I could go to the side. Maybe add a visual indicator of the bounds?

Would love some easier levels at the start to get a better handle on the physics.

I wasn't sure why some people wouldn't succumb to my influence.

This is a solid little game. Enjoyed it!

We almost had a similar idea for this jam but ended up going in a different direction! I like the art style.

I had a hard time figuring out what was going on. The menus on the bottom were very small for me.

I was hording my balls, because I thought I'd needed to save some for later, so I just had to wait for the balls to multiply. 

Nice concept.

I'm going to need more china.


Was kind of difficult, but I liked the concept

I somehow took a jump that sent me into the air and I never came down.

I ended up pressing all the keys on my keyboard and accidentally opened a new tab. 5/5

I wasn't sure how I was interacting with the robots. Maybe they killed me.

I think adding more texture to the ground or a more dynamic camera could give a better sense of the movement and sell the drunk pilot experience.