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Thank you so much for the kind words, Antoine! We are so so glad you liked it. We really hope it's somehow useful to you. 💕

Thank you very much for your incredible work on Silver! It's the best solution for pixel art text IMO. 😊✨

I'm so sorry about that, dekatria! Thank you for the kind words tho. What operational system are you using? I might be able to compile a special version for you. 😊

Absolutely! It can definitely make you turn your head around sometimes haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it tho, LordMondongo! 😊✨

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, P7153!! Thank you very very much for the very kind words. 😊✨

Definitely a lot of fun and fits the theme quite well imo! 5/5

It looks very very good, but I feel like most of the time you're fighting  characters getting stuck on walls, crates and even on themselves instead of the timer. Overall a positive experience a I guess! 3/5

Thank you so much for the kind words, Amy! I really appreciate it. 😊✨

Btw, your entry also looks fantastic, congratulations for you as well! 👏

Thank you, Zirk! Yes, we definitely agree with you, some of our friends also suggested a cancel gift button, but we had something like 30 minutes to compile the game and upload it, so we decided to not include this option right now hahaha. Since the theme was just a suggestion we decided to focus more on creating a fun mechanic than matching the theme.

Thank you very very much, santripper! We're glad you had a nice experience with the game. The music and SFX are stock, but thanks for the kind words, they were choosen very carefully. Level design is my favorite part of game development, so you may expect more levels in the future.

Thank you very much, R1G! Me and Adan definitely needed to get some sleep after working on this game, it was very intense hahaha. I'm glad you enjoyed how we layed out things, because level design is my favorite part of game development.

Thank you very much, milkchocobo! We're happy that you liked the main mechanic, we felt like it fitted the enviroument very well. To be honest the permanent blood was one the most fun things to code hahaha, but yes, it's definitely a bit brutal. If we ever consider working more on this project we will make the dificulty ramp more "smooth", thanks for the feedback.

Thank you very very much, Parminder Singh! Your time is really good, you completed the game in less than 10 minutes.

Thank you very much, JK5000! We're very happy to know that you enjoyed the game, even if the dificulty was a bit high. If we decide to work more on this project we will definitely take the dificulty level in consideration, thanks for the feedback. Merry christmas for you too!

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Thanks, whelp! We're glad you liked the game. Yes, both music and SFX are stock, everyone is credited in the description. We decided to stray away from the theme a bit since we didn't had any good idea related to it and it was not obligatory as stated on the Discord channel, "it's just a suggestion".

Hi! I've been developing Pinkman for some time now and thought that it's time to publish it on Greenlight, and i hope you enjoy what you will see. :)

If you miss games like N, Bowman and Free Rider 2, from a time before "free 2 play" and microtransactions, when quality, fun and accessibility came before "monetization" - this might just be the game for you!

Pinkman is a game about running, jumping and something that should be a jetpack but look like a fart. It's inspired by old flash games, but with improved technology and playability.

How does it play? The character have three habilities, run, jump and jetpack, they are easy to learn but hard to master. The game will require more of your skills between each deadly level.

  • Skill based gamemplay.
  • 100 levels.
  • Beautiful hand-picked colors.
  • Funny easter eggs.
  • Controller support.
  • Achievements.
  • Trading cards.
  • Support for PC, MAC and LINUX (i love all of you).
  • And more to come!
  • Your adventure will be enhanced by the amazing soundtrack that Eric Matyas have made for the game. There's alot of sci-fi, fantasy and techno music included!

    Please consider playing the DEMO before voting. The DEMO represents the game in its ALPHA state, assets and content may be altered and improved upon release.

    DEMO features:

  • 10 levels.
  • 1 background music.
  • Wihelm Scream.
  • Because it's more than enough! :) Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic Pinkman

    Hi! I've been developing this game for some time, and i would appreciate any kind of feedback on it. Thank you! :)

    Ps: Sorry if i said something wrong, it's not my main language.