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Thanks for playing! The game builds on top of "You Died BUT a Necromancer Revived You", story-wise there is not much other than a Necromancer constantly reviving you.

For this prototype we could not get the music done in time so we are using a chill theme that we used on You Died BaNRY; agreed that it needs to be worked on. Regarding online it is something we have no experience making, so while we would love to implement such a thing to allow players to share stages and maybe even play co-op/versus online, it is something we cannot promise; but we will definitely be looking into it.

Glad you like it!


-Four new levels, adjusted some previous levels

- Fixed that spanish devices would have NO LANG on every text
- Fixed an issue where blocks would get stuck on walls
- Changed colors of start/end plus player makes a big POOF cloud on spawn
- Now warning blocks destroy platforms when you attempt to place them

Hello! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Keep in mind everything is up to change and a lot of work and polish needs to be done on further development.

For now we want to pause and see how people play it!

Thank you for playing! Glad to read you like our game :D
This made my morning

Game Maker Studio 2 - game engine
Aseprite - spritework
Krita - promotional art
Gamemaster Audio Pro - SFX library
BFXR - Various retro sounds

Within game maker we also used TweenGMS, a very helpful tool to do tweening

Good luck on your game dev journey! :D

And thanks for playing!

Glad to see that with the workaround it works! For the difficulty settings it uses a different code, my bad,  just uploaded a version with that fixed (still needs to press F1 first) Difficulty selection does not use a mouse at all, so if it is glitching there it means something is being considered as a controller and messing things up (maybe even the mousepad?¿). Long time ago the engine would detect a printer as a controller and we were very confused by it.

Regarding WASD that's already a feature, not super intuitive, but pressing ENTER loads a player that uses arrows (enter & backspace) and pressing SPACEBAR loads a player that uses WASD (spacebar & esc). We did it this way so two players could play on the same keyboard.

Sorry for the late reply! I am glad to read reinstalling it fixed both issues. I have tried to replicate it with no success, it sounds like a very strange glitch, I am sorry it happened to you!

Update is up for linux!

Thank you for your patience. If the issue persists I've put two keys to test. If you press the ALT key it will ignore the mouse wheel for menus, reading online it might have something to do with it. Otherwise if you press the F1 key, menus will only listen to keyboard input.

Hopefully this works!

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That's a really bizarre glitch. Have you tried quitting the game, restarting and choosing to start at the mirkrooms see if it fixed it? I have an idea where the bug might be, but I am not sure if I will be able to replicate and fix it.

In the meantime try to see if a restart fixes it, otherwise if it is consistent tell me how many players or what player slot you were using.

EDIT: also! Do the platforms explode or vanish? Like they just disappear instead of going boom.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting!!

Thank you for the detailed report! Managed to replicate, find and fix the bug. An update to the game is up now for windows (linux next week). Here's a tip! if you press up/down when selecting a character you can change the outline's color, it's a small hidden feature.

Sorry for the trouble and thank you for playing!

Glad you like it! And sorry that you found a nasty bug. If the outline changes it means that its loading a different player slot (empty) for some reason and like you say, cannot move. 

Can you tell me at what point it happens, if it is consistent or just completely random, often or rarely?, are you playing with a controller? Keyboard? If you are able to and do not mind try playing with keyboard or a different controller see if the issue continues.

Will take a look at the code and see what I can find. Again, sorry for the trouble and thank you for reporting the bug.

Unfortunately at the moment I cannot compile a linux build, but next week I'll be able to. 

I have to update the game on linux for a small fix that is already live on windows, maybe that will fix this issue too. Otherwise just in case I'll be implementing a workaround so if a certain key is pressed the menus only take input from keyboard. Really sorry for the trouble.

I will poke you a reply when the update is up.

Glad to read it got fixed! You are welcome and I hope you have fun playing!

We had a similar report a while ago on a Linux as well, menus take input from keyboard and all controllers connected (in that report it was a steering wheel constantly moving downwards). If you can think of anything connected that might be causing this issue, unplug it and try (and tell us what it was!). Otherwise I have no clue what could be.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we are happy to see that you were at least able to play the game!

Indeed! :P

Just to make sure, have you encountered it again? Someone reported to find it constantly every time they open the game, just wanted to make sure if it's the case for you as well.

I have just updated the game (windows for now) hoping to fix this by adding one extra input to the easter egg ( R+L+A if you are curious)

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That's strange, just to be sure, by Green Mode we are talking about this?

If that's the case when opening the game during the BolHut animation at startup, if you hold R and then press L on keyboard, you change the shader. With gamepad it would be the R shoulder and the L shoulder. It's a hidden easter egg.

Something has to be  triggering this on startup unintentionally, check for any devices/controllers connected that might be causing this.

I just uploaded a new version of the game for Windows (cannot access Linux right now) where you have to press R+L+A at the same time hopefully it fixes the issue, please download and try it.

Hello! I do not understand what you mean by green , can you send us an image or explain what you mean by "green" ?

If the entire game looks green, restarting the game should fix it, there's an easter egg during the BolHut splash at the beginning that if you press a combination of buttons the game's shader will change. I think this would be rare to encounter randomly but could be the case.

The game only supports local play, however some people use Parsec to play online kind of like Steam Remote.

Not for the VITA, sorry, but the game is available on the Nintendo Switch!

We'd be happy to join!

- Boss Intros last roughly 0.5s longer
- Changed some spanish text that looked weird on Boss Intros
- Lowered the volume of a couple loud SFX by 25%
- Added an outline to the text on boss intros (for those that overflow)
- Bombs deal 2 less damage
- When using a continue the free bomb when spawning now deals 7 damage but its size is bigger
- Mouse now locks itself on the screen when playing Fullscreen as well

- Added ducks to the pool of enemies (starting WAVE 190)
- Flowers count as 1.5 enemies in a wave now
- Smoother rest times between waves as waves go on

- Added error to the big bullets when the boss closes ( 10 > 15 > 25 )
- In Hard and Ultra now the boss changes position (around the middle) after closing

- Reverted some small balance changes in Hard (slightly more projectiles)
- 1st phase on Hard had the same speed as in normal, now it scales properly ( 1.1 > 1 > 0.9 )
- 2nd phase reacts faster on spawn depending on difficulty (2.5s > 2s > 1.5s)
- 3rd phase reacts slightly faster on Ultra

- Fixed LOOPs not spawning if it is the second time you LOOP
- Fixed that survival would show WAVEs instead of POINTs and viceversa on player selection
- Fixed a bug if you use a continue and beat the rest of the stage without getting hit it'd give a NO HIT BONUS

Initial release version

Hello & welcome!

We hope you have fun with our small game!

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For this title we are going to try the community option rather than comments (looks cleaner?) so welcome!

Feel free to post here your comments and/or make new threads!

Hello! Im not sure I follow, but we update the game to fix any few bugs that pop up, as of now theres no big content update planned for the game but we -might- make an update here and there with something extra. I hope that answers your question.

Unfortunately we got a no from GOG, maybe next game!

Thank you! :D

We are super happy with the whole experience yeah! And the game looks awesome on Switch (and as Nintendo fans is such an honor)

GameMaker Studio does have a Nintendo Switch export since last year and I hope you understand I cannot talk in detail about it. Do feel free to drop an email or DM if you have questions and I'd be happy to reply to whatever I can.

Hello! Glad you like it! :D

Made it in GameMaker Studio 2! Regarding Switch you have to pitch your game or studio to Nintendo to get approval to develop for Nintendo Switch, they are super friendly to work with! We got the port done in less than a week.

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Thank you! :D

We are doing our best, so far its not getting much attention on PC but on Switch it has done very well! Either way we are extremely happy and thankful, to us its already a small big success

Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know!

We hope you enjoyed the game!

Done!, we have now uploaded both .rar and .zip just in case. Please tell us if that works on the app and thanks for poking us!

Hope you like the game