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PuPaiPo Space Deluxe

Hop into your spaceship and battle waves of opponents to find the legendary space pizza! Now 100% more Deluxe than ever! · By BolHut

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A topic by BolHut created Dec 20, 2019 Views: 71
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- Boss Intros last roughly 0.5s longer
- Changed some spanish text that looked weird on Boss Intros
- Lowered the volume of a couple loud SFX by 25%
- Added an outline to the text on boss intros (for those that overflow)
- Bombs deal 2 less damage
- When using a continue the free bomb when spawning now deals 7 damage but its size is bigger
- Mouse now locks itself on the screen when playing Fullscreen as well

- Added ducks to the pool of enemies (starting WAVE 190)
- Flowers count as 1.5 enemies in a wave now
- Smoother rest times between waves as waves go on

- Added error to the big bullets when the boss closes ( 10 > 15 > 25 )
- In Hard and Ultra now the boss changes position (around the middle) after closing

- Reverted some small balance changes in Hard (slightly more projectiles)
- 1st phase on Hard had the same speed as in normal, now it scales properly ( 1.1 > 1 > 0.9 )
- 2nd phase reacts faster on spawn depending on difficulty (2.5s > 2s > 1.5s)
- 3rd phase reacts slightly faster on Ultra

- Fixed LOOPs not spawning if it is the second time you LOOP
- Fixed that survival would show WAVEs instead of POINTs and viceversa on player selection
- Fixed a bug if you use a continue and beat the rest of the stage without getting hit it'd give a NO HIT BONUS

Initial release version

Hello & welcome!

We hope you have fun with our small game!