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Tried it, feels like a combination between Helltaker and Super Mario Maker.

A topic by Terry created Sep 21, 2020 Views: 108 Replies: 2
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An interesting game, I think adding some lit music and rythm to the game can improve it a lot. Adding the option to build stage and then upload it online so other people can play it is also interesting. Also story line perhaps? Anyway good games!


Thanks for playing! The game builds on top of "You Died BUT a Necromancer Revived You", story-wise there is not much other than a Necromancer constantly reviving you.

For this prototype we could not get the music done in time so we are using a chill theme that we used on You Died BaNRY; agreed that it needs to be worked on. Regarding online it is something we have no experience making, so while we would love to implement such a thing to allow players to share stages and maybe even play co-op/versus online, it is something we cannot promise; but we will definitely be looking into it.

Glad you like it!