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Never had such a laugh while playing for awhile~

It's very enjoyable to play, kinda wonder why no other let's player here yet. Though I must say I come here after it has been released for awhile, have to go through a list first.

Either way episode 1 of Bus-Tea Succubus~

Excellent first project I must say, it is a decent visual novel with a story that'll surely be like those old childhood tale. A few constructive criticism I can offer: First, if possible don't use copyrighted music. It will deter some let's player from exploring this game. The system detected two copyrighted music but I don't know if there's more. Second, try to reduce the size of the dialog box, there's so many wasted space since not all the space in the box are used for text and also with the size it covers the game art, which of course can be walked around by using H to hide the UI but that would defeat the ergonomic purposes, or you can try to make the art size more fitting so it doesn't clash with the dialog box. The most noticeable of this is the part where Daniel soul are being shown in the well as the dialog box covers the flower.

Lastly this is only an opinion, but with this kind of story I think it will suit it better if it's a kinetic visual novel. Though it can be argued that being choice based is still excellent.

Now with all being said, it comes from not a professional, so I can be very wrong of course and there's no need to care about my advice. Either way, nice game!

Hi! Will it be available in English? If so are there any set date for it? Thanks!

The last one. I've finally reached the end of the demo. It has many good points, the music, the characters personality, the plot, top voice acting, and the art. But I do have some point that I feel is kinda bad, though to be noted, I'm not a professional and my critique shouldn't be taken as important. I feel the pacing is too slow on transition to the next character or the next scene, and the dialog (I didn't know whether it's translated or not) was kind of 'funny' at time considering this was supposed to be a sad melancholic slice of life visual novel. Such as the comment on Jianyu's hair, "Like two horse ass rubbing on my face" (I don't exactly remember the dialog) or here in this video like "Zihua's diving like an ostrich"/"Like a camel back about to break". Other than that everything's good. Once again, it's not from a professional pov, so ignore it if it's not important.

Forgot to update it, I was busy with college. The trio chemistry are more shown here, also the contrast between Zihua's family and Jisou's family. Also a little background of why Zihua's grows like this~


Well, Volt kicks face. Epic.

I feel it was kind off too quick since there's a lot of things left unexplored, but perhaps I just haven't played all route yet. Anyway if it is then it's still okay~

Though I must say the chemistry of each character are indeed excellent

The second part

Now things are starting to getting interesting. Though I must ask why name him Catphalug because it sounds like Catphalus XD

No problem though~

It is definitely more interesting with cutscenes and even some relaxing moment complimenting this genre~

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Absolutely incredible. Though keep yourself from burning out though.

I see massive improvement from the first two game of the IF series and it seems this one going to be very good.

The giant dog balloon monster also nice since it's show a good understanding of cute horror~

Though I must note Tomoka x Miles is a big down to me. Like Tomoka isn't a minor?

That's all.

hm dilemma thanks <3

Is it sfw?

Part 3, there seems to be more story in this part as more choices appears~ It's their first proper talk in school and also when do Jisou meets Zihua in their childhood??? Very interesting~

Decided to check your profile since you subbed and commented on my video~ Sometimes did that~ and found out you make a little visual novel and decide "eh you know what let's check it out"~

It's pretty nice I must say~

Part 2, um why is she alive??? Think this is a flashback but well didn't expect their characters to be so different from the start~ (though to be noted someone died is indeed something that could change people behavior).

Definitely more challenging than the previous one, but is it too challenging? Considering you'll add more enemy/monster/trap into the game. But some people would like the hardness though.

The running speed was also feels like it keeps changing from time to time, or could be just my machine being bad :D

Either way it is really scary that I almost got jumped when Bev appears in the kitchen~

I'm going to commit so many road safety violation here

An interesting visual novel, though the pacing sometimes are too slow for me, but that just personal opinion~

The visual and music are excellent, though should've put an in-game warning for blood/disturbing images. Can't wait to see the end of the demo~


I wasn't expecting that since I've played Lasagna Boy (same mechanic) and also watched Markiplier video on this game~

Though I must say it's somewhat different than Mark playthrough??? Like there's a slingshot stead of gun? Or perhaps I just forgot~

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Any solution?

Part 3, so yeah it's around 90 minutes :D


It left me hanginggggggg (which is not a bad thing)

Either ways it's nice~

Really love the lighting and the characters~

Yep, very atmospheric that I scream when someone appears :u

Either way it lacks the volume control but that's all, everything else is awesome!!! Your first game??? APPROVED

Though I kinda wish to have more interactions with the orphanage kids~

but oh well~

Yeah it's just old graphic card issues. Also I'm recording (ノ´д`)

Ignore that Splif guy below, keep doing your best okay :D

I love it, very atmospheric and rather interesting since you can interact with a lot of stuff. Can't wait to finish it~

Though I must say there's too much lighting for a low end computer to handle.

Part 2, this blow my mind lol. There's so much plot twist on this one. Though I must say the estimated time of between 30-60 is kind of far....

Oh well I suppose it'll be done in part 3.

Whew took me a while, there's a lot in my list! It's a nice visual novel, the music transition is nice and the the bg and sprites too~

But I find that some font are hard to read such as in the title screen or the characters name. Also although I said that the music transition is good, the volume control wasn't. For example the gust of wind and the cracking ice very loud unlike the other volume. That's all! I'll be continuing later.

Also if you're wondering I kinda figure he is good for the thumbnail but since he's naked it wouldn't be good to, so I give him the drip in thumbnail.

My suggestions would be using Ko-fi or Patreon donation system for development sneak peak! Though in order to go the game must be popular first! Turn on donation and if the games get better go for those two I've mentioned!

Will there be something similar in the future???

Awwwwww is the game really cancelled??? I thought it's only the future demo, it was so niceeeeee. I was truly enjoying the puzzle and the nostalgia.

Whoops, my assignments is overdue so I've to finish it first before continuing playing it, but now its all good. I notice that the choice of musics are really excellent and the time that they're being used. Also Billi is kinda sus ngl. Anyway it is an excellent visual novel. I'll be waiting for the next two chapters!!!

A fantasy filled train ride, I really enjoy my conversation with Huffy. Aesthetically pleasing and poetic. I'll continue playing today~

It gives a good sense of disturbance and also brings an interesting theme of tormented soul. Though warning should be added in-game, if you feel like it.

I was going to record it for another three short visual novel video, turns out the time estimation is way off! It took me around 25 minutes to finish it. Well, not that the estimation is wrong, it needs to consider let's play~

Either way another nice visual novel again from the Blue Kiss Studio. There was a message of getting out of a "toxic relation" in this one (or I'm wrong and she is indeed being blackmailed by some sort of evil witch organization). Also, it looks very illegal for a visual novel to look like this (in a good way).

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It goes to point of the whole romance in space theme. Lovely~

Totally something cheesy to read~ which is nice.

Though I think there are too many characters introduced with too little in-depth learning about them, which is okay in a mystery themed one, but since it explores a new revelation in space (a new perspective), not diving deep to each character wasn't a good idea. It's just what I think, who knows I'm not a professional! Enjoy your game!

Either way it's a nice visual novel!!!

Edit: Alright I think that straight pun isn't good. I deleted it.

10/10, cat mafia, grave robbing, drug (catnip) trading, pop cat reference, and scary dog (+sound effect). Would recommend my cat to play this.

And that's the end of the nightmare, no one should suffer the same nightmare ever again. After finishing it twice I also notice that it also less harder than the original game? Perhaps also my bias. But no doubt it's more emotional and I can even feel their suffering and pain. Even tears up a little during Marina's part. All I can say is loving it!!! Can't wait to explore this "Emma Mode".

Okay I've checked it! Thanks!

Also part 2! (I've actually completed the game and even got the true ending, but the recording has a lot of lag spike (my computer is a low-end one!) so I decided to rerecord with lower quality which sucks because I've completed it.... by the way may one of the team message me of what's all the ending is in the game? If that's okay with you all.... I'm kinda interested in knowing what else the ending out there than the true one. Also, how long does Emma Mode last? Thanks!!!

I don't remember, have I shared the new let's play here? Either way, so I've been so excited for the full version to comes out and oh my it does exceed my expectation! It was so good, there's a lot of emotion at play with the arts and additional story. However somehow it's less scary than the original? I don't know, perhaps it's just my bias from playing the original. Here's part 1 (you might have already seen it on Twitter~)

Thank you for the correction!

No problem!