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PuPaiPo Space Deluxe

Hop into your spaceship and battle waves of opponents to find the legendary space pizza! Now 100% more Deluxe than ever! · By BolHut

Welcome to PuPaiPo Space! Sticky

A topic by BolHut created Dec 19, 2019 Views: 104 Replies: 2
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For this title we are going to try the community option rather than comments (looks cleaner?) so welcome!

Feel free to post here your comments and/or make new threads!

Got this game in the Racial Justice bundle and am LOVING it, one of my favorite shmups, love the multiple unlockable characters and tough but fair difficulty. Currently I can only make it to level 5 on hard but its really satisfying when I eek out a little more progress. 

Also looking forward to trying your other game, the Necromancer one. Consider me a fan, looking forward to any of your future projects.


Thank you for playing! Glad to read you like our game :D
This made my morning