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Thank you so much for this sprite!!

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These explosions worked great for my project. Thank you :)

Incredibly scary. Incredibly well polished. The sounds in the beginning area can repeat and get a little bit annoying. I wish there were more save points so you don't have to restart from the beginning. Either then that really really cool project. Can't wait to see what else comes from you. :

Good sprites. Weird size. I found that the brown chest open was 40x40

Thanks for these goblins.

Nice Camera Controller. Player controller could use some work. Pretty fun platformer

The game isn't running in the web player.

Good polish, fun gameplay, and even fits the theme really well.

Nice job on your first game!! For quick games like these it's a good idea to add some factors that add feel to the game(Screen shake and sound effects). Just something to work towards. Stay on the sigma grind set!

Cool sound design. Could use some juicey screen shake

Nice Game jam game! Since it's quick death quick revive it might be a good idea to make the UI quicker to use. For example the next button leading directly to the next level. Making the UI interactable through keyboard. Keep on improving!

I use a 16:10 aspect ratio. I scale UI to 1920x1080. I scale the game in itch to 1920x1080. It's important to turn on UI scaling, then set it to 0.5.


Nice job on your first game. A liked the colors. The camera script was a little janky. The core gameplay was still fun though. For your next game try getting a better camera controller for the specific type of movement you want. Doing this will help you a ton. 

With consistency you can do anything. Keep experimenting and building games. There will allows be at least one person who will enjoy it. :)

Really good story, I still wonder who did it. I don't think it was cherry. I think it was the 3 amis or spike. Revenge thrillers are cool

As a jazz saxophonist I approve. I really wanna know how you made the sax solo sound so good in a script!

This looks really cool!

I'm going to release a beta soon. My game is a horror rogue-like. You are in a post apoltlyptic hell on earth. A machine of death is chasing you. Try to avoid the BEAST while also not knowing where it is. Then get transported to a top down horror experience. 

I made a video of how to play my game. Is it to complex? Is it not engaging enough? Any feedback Helps!

Great job, I loved this very spooky experience. The puzzles are quote fun. I wish their was more spookiness on the cameras though. It was very scary releasing the guy from the lab on purpose. I sadly couldn't figure out the lounge though.

Wow, thats really awesome!! That must have taken so long. Great job!! :)

Thanks for your time.  Sorry for putting this on the wrong forum. This is my first time posting.  I'll try and do 4, 5, 2

Hey, my names Sean. I am a solo dev who's been working on a game for a year. I don't want to promote my game in this post. Instead I want to ask some more successful game devs how they promoted/ got more views on their game. 

I've been working on a game for about a half a year now. I think it'd be a waste if no one played it. So with your help how can I improve my advertising capabilities?

Hey, I'm sean, I've been working on a horror/rogue like for half a year now. My first game was a fun platformer. I like pixel art, saxophones, and chess. If you are a single hawt female, dm me.

Hey, hope you're games doing well!

Cool game, I like all the effects and the art added. I wish there was checkpoints though. It has a pretty descent difficulty curve. The movement feels good and the mechanic of reversing gravity is pretty fun. I wish there was a little more work for the theme, but really fun game for a game jam. Good Job! Can't wait to see what other games you make!

Pictures are a little blurry sorry

Good art style. Fun and creative idea that works. Puzzles are rewarding. Great game

Thank you for the Input I'll work on that! :)