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I see. I'll try to add more info when I can. In the meantime:

username - this is your itchio username. It should match the url of your itchio page. Example: my itchio page is so my username is: blendogames

project name - this is the name of your itchio project. To clarify, you'll want to create a project page in itchio before uploading your build. It should match the url of your itchio project page. Example: for my game Atom Zombie Smasher's url is so the project name is: atomzombiesmasher

Additionally, in the platform field you'll want to write what platform the build is for. Common platforms are:

Hi - can you describe the problem you had?

I just uploaded a new version that should produce an error message when it crashes. When you have a moment, can you try it out and tell me what error message is produced?

This is fantastic! Thanks for playing

Hi Oreolek & Henke -- we just uploaded a fix that should resolve those crashes. The new build is now live.

Hi! I wanted to ask if it was possible to create a pay-what-you-want bundle:

  • I'd like for the bundle itself to have a minimum price of $0.
  • I'd like for the games in the bundle to include $0 games.

Is this possible? I was looking at the bundle creation page, and it seems I can only pick games that have a minimum price. I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding the interface, or if there's something I'm possibly missing. Thank you!

Hi OSX/Mac folks, some things got fixed and it should now start up correctly now.


The new build fixes this!

Please re-download and it should run okay now.

We uploaded a new build - can you see if it works on your system?

If it doesn't work, can you please let us know:

  • your operating system (win 7, win 10, etc)
  • what video card you have
  • is this a laptop or desktop computer


Hi! The new build should fix the "Invalid wordubble color" bug. Redownload the game, and it should work now.

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Hi all! I made a graphical interface tool for uploading builds to itchio.

Under the hood, it's a GUI wrapper for Butler. I made this so I could have a more visual way of managing my builds.


I'd like to use Butler to upload projects that are not games (i.e. soundtrack, book, etc) but I can't figure out how to do this.

I tried this:

butler.exe push localfolder username/gamename:book

But when I looked in the Itch dashboard, the upload appeared as a standard executable project, in a branch called "book." Is there a way to configure the type of upload via Butler?