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Start with Geek, then Jock,  for high contrast.

Great game, fantastic AP here - 

Gooday all

Don't pay the Ferryman (table top pbta rpg)

Setting-Fantasy Supernatural World of Rikirta (including Underworld, moons and Astral space)

Genre-Dark Ages Fantasy. Moderate tone (ectoplasm and pogosticks)

- Don't pay the Ferryman is about Explorers, Investigators &  Agents who travel a Supernatural Fantasy universe. This pack has maps, spells, creatures, moons, world details, astral plane, species, underworld  & everything else you need to run the game.

Think Mission Impossible+Dresden Files in a Dark Ages Fantasy setting.

While the game works for one-shots, it really shines in 3-12 episode arcs.

Rikirta (the DPTF setting) has big storms. Storm duration=3D8 Hours. 3-6 or Double=Days. 22-24 or Triple=Weeks. Size=3D8 Miles. 3-6 or Double=*10 Miles. 22-24 or Triple=*50 Miles. A fantasy world is more than a list of spells. Discover, Explore!

With Don't pay the Ferryman (pbta rpg) I wanted open advancement after char gen, same as world of darkness. How narrow or broad your skillset and focus is up to you.  Every 3 advancements you get a Special Quest, high risk/return, negotiated with the Moderator.

Its the groups story, not just players responding to the GM plot. So for Special Quests you choose some of the ingredients and the Moderator works that into existing or oncoming plots. Players can elect to group or separate Special quests.

Likewise your Fate Weave during character creation is created by the players discussing what they've done & what they are interested in, the moderator notes their current and previous situation & weaves the plots around them. It's an interactive and cooperative story.

Dice and paper tabletop rpg, pbta rules, fantasy setting with espionage exploration style.

Ii see it as Agenda is the goal (destination), Principles is the framework in which you will operate (the map), Moves are what you use to achieve the goal (gears, steering, lights, indicators). So principles and moves should not overlap.