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Lighthearted is a roleplaying game of 80s nostalgia, neon, & magic. · By Kurt Potts

Art Survey Sticky

A topic by Kurt Potts created Sep 07, 2019 Views: 98 Replies: 2
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Thank you so much to all the folks who've bought in to the early access to be a part of how this game develops. We've brought in enough money to start ordering some art! As the early adopters, I'd like to hear from you what piece you'd like to see first. I'll be ordering iconic characters for each of the 5 cliques, Prep, Jock, Rebel, Geek, and Outcast. Tell me which one you'd like to see first. 


Start with Geek, then Jock,  for high contrast.

That's a great idea! I was initially thinking Rebel and Jock, but Geek does the same thing.