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Also English is my first language you meanie

Thank you, I promise this won't happen again

I will try again

I'm telling you the truth, I've talked to them a lot they first replied and told me to state what the problem was and when it happened and after I explained they just stopped replying

I've tried that but they haven't replied in weeks. 

If I was breaking the rules, I was not aware about it

I have the same problem, please can you help me aswell

This is just what I needed, I will get right on it. Thank you for your feedback 

I want to complete what I started. The game has quite a number of Bugs and I need to know where they are before I can continue. Please provide feedback and contact me if you find any bugs or a way to improve the game. Thank you

The link:

Click this

Thanks for the reply, but it didn't work Unfortunately

Anytime I try to submit my game to a jam, it gives me this error message

"We seem to behaving server problems, please try again later"

Feast your eyes on this piece of trash. 

Hello, I'm Immanuel 

I just made a new game and i'd like it if you check it out