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@delgame: I think you are correct. I forgot to push a last minute change to git. Now the sources at github should run well (tested it on 2.0.3 and 2.1 ) Thank you!

Nice level generation and enemy variety!

Will learn a lot from your code :)

Art style is great, liked the changing of colors from room to room.

Music is awesome, very dark mood, i liked it!

Good game!

I agree with previous comment that this would make a very fun mobile game!

@puppetmaster Glad you liked the game :). I found the Sound FX and music on I think they were great and use them on my game. Credit is for the artist of course! Particles in this type of game makes everything look prettier :P

I loved the tron-like graphics and the sense of speed.

It gets a bit repetitive after a while. but works OK in short play sessions.

Very nice graphics and world generation. Liked the night and day cycle.

Good work!

I liked the procedural rules you designed a lot! Very simple, yet generates interesting gameplay mechanics. Goods use of both themes.

The game is fun and a bit difficult for me (Will try to play it with a gamepad on the weekend)

One day I will try to make a 3D game and I think this will be a great reference game to learn from.

Great use of the bonus theme and overall look (looks simple but very "polished")

i would like to have more things to do and/or kill to keep playing it.

A very simple runner game, but addictive. I kept playing until it became very fast!

Good use of the bonus theme.

Hi! Nice room generation. I will look into your code to learn how you did it :)

I would love to see more gameplay, some enemies or zombies. Let me now when you add them!. Keep the dark tone, add some scary sound fx and it could be very nice.

Thanks for your comments!

@kakoeimon: Thanks for playing and for the comments. I had planned gamepad/joystick support but did not had time to implement it before the deadline. I agree 100% that it should play better with it. I want to expand the game later with some ideas that were left behind so that is first on my list. I also wish I had more time to balance the game. I went with the idea that I played it too much when developing it so I might have put to much energy points on the ship and/or to frequent powerup drops on the final release.

@bathwater: Thanks for playing and I am happy you had fun! nexus can be found by following the "ping" circles that irradiate from them. If you have time and are willing to try it again it would be great!

Hello people!

This is the second Godot Jam I intend to participate! Had a lot of fun making a game for the last one.

I am an electrical engineer in Chile and I usually have less time than I would want to make (and play!) games. So I concentrate on participate on the occasional jam. I am using Godot for a year now, not that I am an expert or anything . Godot is absolutely great for me.

Good luck and I look forward to play your games!