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A topic by David Saltares created Dec 17, 2016 Views: 476 Replies: 4
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Hey there! I thought I'd start this thread so #godotjam participants can introduce themselves.

I'm David and I've been looking for an excuse to start using Godot Engine for a while, #godotjam seems like the perfect one. Even though I'm a Godot n00b, I've got some experience in gamedev. I worked in the AAA games industry for a couple of years as well as being a Libgdx and Ashley maintainer.

Don't know what I'm making yet but I do like the implied simplicity of the "2 buttons" theme.

Looking forward to getting started in the Godot community!

Jam Host (1 edit)

Heyo! I'm Karroffel

I'm co-organizing this jam with the great Akien. I'm also one of the admins on the Godot Discord server, so feel free to join us when there are questions! :)

I'm currently studying computer science in Germany. I like to look through Godot's source and also created a PR for GDScript (waiting for review) that adds pattern matching. When I got time I'm working on AngelScript support for Godot.

I want to work as a graphics programmer or gameplay programmer one day so Godot's open nature is really fortunate for me!

I'll use the git version of Godot and will try to test the mono module as good as I can during the jam. ("Test it in production")

I'm only using IRC and Discord so I'm looking forward to see some new faces and, of course, many interesting games!

I hope everybody will enjoy the jam! Good luck and have fun everybody!

Hey! I'm Alfred

I've been hoping for a more slow-paced jam to take part in and as a linux user godot is for sure my engine of choice so, hooray! Perfect timing :)

I've been trying to get into programming as a career in honestly any role, alongside my day job and family life, which has proven to be difficult. Jams are a great way to force yourself to steal away more time for yourself! Hope to get something respectable by the deadline.

Not getting any great ideas yet from Two Buttons but I'll take the prompt to learn a new engine feature for sure. Maybe use the #1GAM theme word also.

Good luck and happy jamming :)

Hello people!

This is the second Godot Jam I intend to participate! Had a lot of fun making a game for the last one.

I am an electrical engineer in Chile and I usually have less time than I would want to make (and play!) games. So I concentrate on participate on the occasional jam. I am using Godot for a year now, not that I am an expert or anything . Godot is absolutely great for me.

Good luck and I look forward to play your games!

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Hello people!

My name is Daniel and I'm a graphic designer and illutrator form Brazil! I've always had a inclination towards programing and I'm trying to learn as fast as I can and as my daily job allows me so I can submit something for this Jam!

I'm also a Godot n00b as I only found out about it on GDQuest video in the middle of december: