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I'll look into it. I wanted to sort the invalid games out when the jam is over, there's already a "repost" from the last gamejam.

So yes, I'll take care of that, maybe not immediately but I'll do it ;)

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Heyo! I'm Karroffel

I'm co-organizing this jam with the great Akien. I'm also one of the admins on the Godot Discord server, so feel free to join us when there are questions! :)

I'm currently studying computer science in Germany. I like to look through Godot's source and also created a PR for GDScript (waiting for review) that adds pattern matching. When I got time I'm working on AngelScript support for Godot.

I want to work as a graphics programmer or gameplay programmer one day so Godot's open nature is really fortunate for me!

I'll use the git version of Godot and will try to test the mono module as good as I can during the jam. ("Test it in production")

I'm only using IRC and Discord so I'm looking forward to see some new faces and, of course, many interesting games!

I hope everybody will enjoy the jam! Good luck and have fun everybody!