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I'm expecting some mods from you then! And I actually have been working on the update recently:) It'll still take a bit longer, but I'm getting closer!

Oh really?? Haha I didn't get a crash so I must've just barely played it in time!

Super creative as usual! Playing for the first time and having the eyes open and stuff starting to get wild was such a good moment

That was a h*ck of a f*ucking fun game I love it, nicely done!!!

Thank you!:) nice job beating it! Yeah that card might be a little too strong lol but I'm glad you had fun anyway!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun:) I'd like to expand on the concept, we'll see if I don't get distracted by other game ideas haha

You can play it while you brush your teeth!

Thank you very much!:)

Aww thank you so much for the kind words I really appreciate it!!

Oh wow, thanks for the detailed review and the video! I'm glad that you had fun playing it!:)

Thank you:)

Thank you!:) haha at this point it looks like I might have to actually expand on this. Thanks again!

Two finger tap?? Are you playing on a touchscreen? It probably doesn't recognize two finger tap because it wasn't designed to be played that way lol but I think I actually did make it so that spacebar ends your turn, I forgot about that until just now!

Thank you very much!:)

Lol trust me, I know. Glad you like the core though!

Thank you!:) tbh that sounds kind of like the normal game mode haha but new game modes would be fun to work on and design!

Thank you:) I might, I was thinking I might at least do a post-jam update or two for balancing changes, and I might end up adding a few new cards at the same time

Thank you so much!:) I'm glad that you had a good time with the game! I'm especially glad you liked the sfx lol that was the last thing I worked on 

Thank you:)

Thank you!

Wait how did I miss this?? I remember your prototype from the bundle it was super cool then and it's super cool now!! Nice work!!

This is such a neat concept! I like that crafting disposes of the trash, so that it focuses on the act of crafting rather than the actual output of the crafting as most games do. Very unique stuff, and lots of fun to play!

I think it's a sign of truly impressive writing and design that you were able to make me feel so many emotions in such a short period of time! I really enjoyed this, thanks for the  experience:)

Thank you so much for the kind words!:) I'm glad you appreciated all the polish! It makes me feel like it was worth the many hours I spent working on little animations instead of the main game haha

Haha trust me, if I'd had time I would've put the overview in the game! I always like having full-fledged tutorials in my games, but the time just got away from me. But I'm glad that you had fun with it anyway:)

That might be it, I was just playing with my keyboard and mouse haha I don't have a controller unfortunately!

I love this F*ucking game

First of all, I love how the king explodes if you shoot another fly at him, that's hilarious. This is a really neat concept, I like the idea of your attack instantly "killing" normal enemies, and only have the one enemy you need to actually attack multiple times. Nice work!

*SPOILERS*: there are actually birds, so I felt a little lied to. But I was able to push through and enjoy the experience anyway. I'm not sure if it was intended to be read this way, but in the panel when the bird looks like it uses the telebirdtation spell, it looks like it's just flying away, which is hilarious. Great art, very funny, birds, KRAAA!!

I love the idea of having to be mindful of where you kill enemies, this is an interesting take on the theme! I did have some trouble playing it, since it felt like the hitbox of my attacks was a bit small and inconsistent so it was difficult to actually hit enemies. That being said, very creative mechanics, and I loved the art as well!

Yessss I've been excited for this since I saw the first GIF on the discord. Adorable and fun little game! I had some issues with readability like some others, but it didn't detract from the enjoyment too much. All of the enemies are really cute, which did make me feel bad annihilating them with my gun lol

Beautiful art and cute aesthetic:) I liked that the game was all about maximizing your score, and there wasn't a "loss" condition to watch out for. Nice work, I had fun playing this game!

Cute little game, I love the funky frog sprite and the way he flips back and forth when he passes the middle of the screen!

How dare you call this trash. This is such a great take on the theme, and very elegantly executed! I had a lot of fun trying to get the highest score I could (77)!!

77 >:)

This is your first game jam?? I don't believe you! This was great!  I had a lot of fun playing this, the obstacle-freezing mechanic is very creative. I also managed to snag that heart on the first level, which made me feel pretty cool lol. Very nice job!

Like BeamDev it took me a bit of time to figure out what was going on, but once I got the hang of it I had fun playing it for a few rounds! I like the simplified resource-management game, and the aliens offering trades/deals with me gave each year an interesting twist. Nice work:)

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Okay this game is incredible. It took me a hot second to figure out what was going on, but once it clicked, I had a blast. I love the combination of fast-paced action and puzzle-solving! Normally I'm not the biggest fan of puzzle games (mostly because I suck at them), but I loved this one  and playing it from start to finish was an absolute joy. 10/10 for me. Also, the music is absolutely bumping

I love this fuckin g game