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Thank you so much!! We greatly appreciate the input! Definitely some bugs to iron out but honestly I'm just glad the core loop is fun haha 

Thanks for playing! 

This game. Is very good. Like... dang. How you make such good game. Please share this information for the rest of us who would like to make good game

Once I understood what I was supposed to be doing, I had a lot of fun with the game! I got a high score of six though, so I wasn't very good at it haha.

Super fun little racing loop! If you moved forward with this, I think it might be nice to allow players to adjust their mouse sensitivity, give them even more control over their it feels!

Love this game! I think the only change I would ask for would be some sort of power indicator for the charged shots? At least until I could get a hang of how long to hold it in for for distances.

Great game here! If I had to ask for two things, it'd be a bit less intensity to that music when it starts, and an easy mode or tutorial mode that helps "train" the player for when to click, so then you can start making the game even more difficult. 

This game delivers exactly what is promises, and I think that is lovely!

I would say definitely keep working on this post jam! The controls are slick as heck and it's just fun to play. I would definitely fix the collision flashing that happens when you run into a wall though, it's a lot. 

Definitely a fun idea! Maybe I'm just not very good, but I never had any luck getting a fish before the hungry water boy :( 

Spooky point and click style adventure! I would definitely work to find a way to make it more clear what the mouse cursor is hovering over, because it was often difficult to tell what I should be doing or what exactly I was looking at, and even something like a little label that popped up with a name tag would make a world of difference. 

This is such a fun game! I think you could definitely play more with making the tones themselves actually harmonize when you play them, I think that would really up the addictive elements of an already fun game!

I am gonna guess a source of inspiration for this game was the game Satisfactory? If not, you should play that game. You'd love it! I think the best change you could make for this game would be a more clear, in-depth tutorial (or at least an option for one). Having to learn so much while also trying to surviving may be unnecessarily adding to the already difficult game. 

I dig the vibe in the art, gameplay, and music, I think the biggest think that is causing issues is the lack of player feedback back in most scenarios - it's hard to tell what feels intentional at times, and what feels like the game may be breaking, if that makes sense? But I really loved it, hope you do more with it!

Definitely a neat game, very unique out of what I've seen! It has that old school NES exploration game vibe, both in the good ways, and in the way that it would be even better if it gave us a bit more information and instruction to help us along the way

I love this mechanic! I think you're aware that it needs some more love, but if you give it that love, you could do something really neat here!

I adore this game. I see you already know about the issue with the bouncy notes (I had it in both the download and the browser version). But the art is amazing, the idea is great, I'd love to see what ways you can incorporate further musical tools into game mechanics!

Super fun mechanic, I can't wait to see where you take this game in the future!

Definitely a chill vibe! I do agree with another comment thought, that losing noise is a bit intense, kinda harshes the chill vibes a bit - maybe making it a bit slower of a sound effect so it's not so startling? I don't know, but great job!

I love this game! It's very addictive, and if you make a feeeeewwww tweaks to the deck system (for example, I got softlocked in a battle with a blob when I had no cards and it had Deal one damage, and Heal 2 health) I think you could have people playing this for hours. So when's the mobile release, gonna be ad enabled, need cover art?

Once I got the hang of it I found the concept very addictive and I desperately wanna play it in like an old school arcade cabinet. Great job!

Thank you so much for playing the game and for so many kind and thoughtful words and critiques! All of this is going to be greatly helpful as we consider how to improve and move forward with the game!

As others have said, love the game, think the hit boxes could use some tweaking, but if you really fine tuned those platforming controls you would have an instant hit on your hands (in my opinion)

Fun game! I did have an issue where the music seemed to stop a bit early, which is a bummer cause the music is very nice!

I love this game! It did take me a few moves/moments to figure out what the heck I was doing, but as soon as it clicked I got the "ah-hah!" moment and a big smile on my face. If you ever do more with this and want some new cover art, hit me up! 

Neat little game, would love to see it as a neat big game! Very boppin tunes by the way!

Hey everyone! Thank you all for the kind words and feedback! We have plans to work more on this game just cause we really fell in love with it while making it. We wanna do some weird things with it like incorporating different art styles, puzzles, and play around with possible different mechanics, so if you have any ideas or thoughts for what we could do with it, let us know! And again, thanks so much for even looking and playing, we truly appreciate every comment and rating! 

Thank you for the kind words! We're definitely gonna keep working on it, so this kinda feedback is super helpful! 

Just want to say I thought your game was so cool! It truly felt like an old game boy game in all the best ways. 

Super cute art and fun music! Definitely felt like the chaos kitty, and it was fun to see how different things would react to the cat smack.

This is just so neat and so nostalgic feeling while also being brand new. I adore it.

This is such a cool game! I love this mechanic a lot. I think the only thing I might ask for is a bit of a difficulty curve adjustment? It took my brain awhile to figure out how the jumping worked AND that the belts were switching directions and I feel like it'd click a lot sooner if I had more time to figure out one at a time. But I loved this and I can't wait to see what you make in the future!

oh my god you're alf this is the best day of my life

This is a super fun game! I can't wait to see where you go with it post jam!

That music slaps! It slaps so hard! Also everything else is super cool too! But that music slaps!

Really fun game! I think the controls felt really nice! Would definitely suggest adding some music though, and maybe even turning down the volume on some of the sounds, they can get a little harsh on the ears after playing for awhile. 

This has potential to be an incredibly addictive mobile game. I do... I do feel slightly different after listening to that music for so long though. I'm a changed person I think. 

Really dig this game! The music and art are both perfect! One suggestion I would have would be to have a slightly less... difficult area to traverse with wall jumps before you hyuck 'em in to the more difficult ones. But I can't wait to see what else you come out with in the future!

Super fun little game! I dug the music, liked pretty much every thing there! I feel like the player feels a little heavy on the fall down, but that may just be a personal preference/lack of skill in platformer games on my part?

So I did have to give this rating based on the video you shared below, but that's only because I am irresponsible with my finances in general. But I definitely think it looks really cool, and I wish I could play it! I would definitely say if you do another VR game like this in the future, definitely drop some more videos of the game for folks to see. Just cause I don't got the stuff to play it doesn't mean I don't wanna know what it's all about, ya know? 

Yeah, I think the biggest complaint I have is that I want more but there isn't more? It might be fun to see what other ways you can up the difficulty, like playing with more three dimensional space potentially? Maybe not, but I'm exciting to see what you do with it!