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Bitterly Indifferent

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Improved and updated!  Forgotten Tavern: FOOD CRITICAL debuts on today. It has been described as "A sort of mash-up of IF, a dungeon grinder, a world-building strategy game, a roguelike game and one of those games you play on your phone where you have to make burgers or hotdogs to order. Sort of."

Mostly, you hit things with a hammer on your quest to restore a run-down establishment to its former glory.

Well, you can play Pushing Loyal People here:

But it's the other games I worked on that were story-driven. My next release, in July, will go back to more involved stories.

Studio Name:
Bitterly Indifferent Studios

Name Of Game:
Pushing Loyal People

Quick Bio of Game:
This game asks whether you are willing to make the choices necessary to rise to upper management. Do you have what it takes to get ahead? Does "ahead" even mean anything when your fate is in the hands of the faceless Leadership Team?

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:
This game is complete. It came together in under two months. The previous games that I worked on were more story-driven, and developing those stories took much longer. Once I had the system of rules in mind to govern this game's world, it came together rapidly. 

Why you became a game developer in the first place:
My friend from Cartridge-Based Radio, gave me the idea. We had worked together on projects in the past where we talked about the video games we loved and he introduced me to Twine. I took the leap from playing them to creating them.

This game is fantastic. The outlines are a definite improvement. 

How do you plan to keep the game balanced once equipping items has effects?

"Someone, somewhere will know" <-clever.

I also liked the wavy text effects. 

Is there a way to break up the conversation with Cherry? It seems like a lot of text to wade through, and it hits so early in the game that I got impatient, wanting to walk around and explore other things.

Well done!

You've got a new follower in @WallabyPalmer.

So, how does somebody get in touch with you if they want to be considered as a writer on your next project?

For the longest time, I thought it was some kind of lottery system -- pay X gold for a minor chance of a much larger gold payout (buying a piece of junk from a customer that turns out to be a rare artifact).

I love the game so far, but what is supposed to happen with the "Buy Random Junk" option in the junk shop?