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Created a new topic Good start

Very keen to see how this title develops.

Love the art style (even after reducing all the settings so it would run on my poor old computer).  The one (minor) gripe is about the object hunting.  While the sepia tone aesthetic is really effective, peering into every square centimetre of the level did get a bit tedious.  I know it's kind of the point to get people to look more closely, but maybe give us something else to find.  Something more to do with presentation than a required puzzle piece.  Outside of that, really good start guys.

Thanks guys. =)

Replied to kuupu in Exodemon comments

Nice. Thanks for that. =)

Replied to kuupu in Exodemon comments

Actually, can I ask how you got the clear but pixelated effect on your textures? It's a great look.

Replied to kuupu in Exodemon comments

Nice. Keen to contribute. Good job. =)

Great game and looking forward to playing more of it when I get time. This is definitely a noob question, but I wanted to try Exodemon before donating; how do I make a donation now that I've downloaded it?

Go right ahead, man. =)