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Great game, I'm glad to hear you're looking at mouse controls.  Even without, it's still a lot of fun to play. =)

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We have testers working on the latest build and should be releasing a final version by end of August. =)

Replied to Keiwan in Very impressed

Awesome.   Thanks for the info. =)

C'est hypotonique à regarder. =)

Qu'est-ce que le bouton mutate fait?

Created a new topic Very impressed

Simple and intuitive.  I'm going to twiddle around with this some more and will definitely be keen to see what's in future updates.

How many generations is a good time to wait?  Does the length of each generation effect the results?

Keep it up, this is great. =)

Interesting game.  Very much in the vein of the bit-trip series.  I just wish the obstacles were visible in game rather than just the map.   Otherwise, pretty cool.  Are you going to expand it at all?

Created a new topic Simple and compelling

I enjoyed the art style very much, coupled with the music it makes for compelling little game.

Will you be adding more maps/enemies?

Created a new topic Good start

Very keen to see how this title develops.

Thanks guys. =)

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Nice. Thanks for that. =)

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Actually, can I ask how you got the clear but pixelated effect on your textures? It's a great look.

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Nice. Keen to contribute. Good job. =)

Great game and looking forward to playing more of it when I get time. This is definitely a noob question, but I wanted to try Exodemon before donating; how do I make a donation now that I've downloaded it?

Go right ahead, man. =)