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Sure.  I was thinking of a space sim/space combat game where the player could select the next star system to go to and that would begin the Neon Skylines area.   The closer/further the player wants to travel in 'real' space, the longer they spend in hyperspace.  The exit of hyperspace could be 'X' distance from where the player begins in a certain direction (so travel northwest and 20 degrees 'up' for 400 metres) and the player has a count down (or up if they start going the wrong way) until they exit where they want to be.   It could simply be a randomly located marker/portal and the player follows an arrow that only shows the direction the exit is in, not the lefts and rights of how to get there.  Maybe a penalty for hitting the wall or simply boot them back their starting system?  Or even boot them out to some random star system, but that's a huge undertaking.