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b.UG - stylised FPS with online leader boards

A topic by bitGlass Games created Dec 05, 2017 Views: 83
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b.UG is a fast paced, UNrealistic shooter.  Use your jet pack to dodge in mid-air or slam to the ground fast to get out of the way of enemy

Survival mode is an endless mode where the goal is simply to defeat as many targets as possible and survive as long as possible

Rush mode pits you against 8 progressively harder tanks. Beating them all unlocks a new challenge mode, where all the targets must be defeated without dying, using a special weapon - The Auger.

High scores are uploaded whenever you die in Survival mode or The Auger challenge and at the end of each level in Rush mode.

This was a hobby project I set myself to produce a complete game (rather than the 'proof of concept'/demos I'd been making).

All feedback is, of course, very welcome. =)