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Really enjoy the subtleties and simplistic nature of the storyline. There's almost a quite hint of genius to the text of the story. English clearly isn't your first language however, where there are tiny errors, it almost adds to the curiosity even more. Are these photos all original pixel art for the game?  

Welcome xyuushax! As a non-dev, looking forward to what you publish, cheers!

Hey Biim

We haven't played it yet. We just started the blog 3 weeks ago and are on a journey to find fun games. We landed on 2 days ago and saw your game, that's the reason for the comment.  We weren't at the jam however, if you'd like to talk about the game to some degree, we could do a short interview for a post? If interested email theheros(a)betacade(,)com :)


Love the progress here! Shades of a low-rez castle crashers!