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I enjoyed the initial idea but my depth perception is not the best :D I quickly died a lot and got frustrated (about 30 rats were used for the first 2 tests). If I could give any feedback I'd say you should definitely add some sort of coyote time because I felt like I pressed jump but fell to my death a lot of the time haha!

Obligatory update on demo version 2 because this thing fucking rocks! Sorry about the language but I mean wow. Performance improvements are really on point my laptop totally felt that. Also did some things about drawing change it felt waaay less clunky than the first version. I also really enjoyed all 10 levels but maybe some levels are too easy? It's the first 10 levels so I'm okay with it but you should definitely spice things up. Really enjoy seeing this game progress keep up the good work!

Wow! I always admired the look of this game but now playing it... It's truly amazing work you got here and I'm looking forward to you launching this game. To be honest the demo is feeling pretty good all around. At first, I was weirded out by the workbench not outputting into my inventory but when I saw the smelter system and all the elements I understood why you went that route! I mostly play a survival craft game whenever I see one but that felt really unique. Also, also, your music reminded me of Terraria which also had amazing music so well done! 11/10

Pretty simplistic but fun space shooter game. I'm amazed at the number of little details you put considering this is your first game! Those high scores are something tho you must have some super fans haha :D

oh, also alt+tab broke the game for me and I had to restart maybe you should know

It was a pretty great demo, but I felt a little dumb :d I couldn't get past level 4 for some reason, but I 100% know it's my fault as well haha I hope you finish this into a full-fledged game. Good luck!

Yep everything seems alright. My specialty is coding but I also have a music asset under my name so reach out to me if you need any help with those. 

Continue to develop this game and you have at least 1 player :P

 I enjoyed my fair share of Roblox tower defense games but I do not think you have a copyright issue at hand here. 

I must ask though are those your own assets that you are authorized to use? If so all is well. If not, change them later to not have licensing issues. I think a tower defense game of this type is missing from the Steam store and people would probably play it -if marketed to a relevant audience. Good luck!

Oh god, I love Lovecraftian horror and I'm in love with your design skills. 100% will play again when I get bored for a 15 mins type of game. I appreciate you for bringing this to my life :d

I felt some input lag when I tried out the online (or to be honest online wait lobby)  but going against the AI was fun. AI was moving better than I could so I thought maybe pushing would help me and eating food while pushing resulted in the below picture. It was enjoyable 9/10, would trick one of my friends to play against some time.

Very great game idea and great visual, well done! I only encountered some issues in the level we encounter enemy chess pieces where sometimes the bottom piece wouldn't kill me even though we were in the same tile.

Thanks for playing.  I also think scale doesn't make sense but the game was never serious anyways :d also yes the player can wall run and stick to walls I made it so you can strategize and maybe even speedrun the game. 

Very cool concept but I got bored halfway sorry :d

I got pushed out of the window and still won lol! but the idea is very funny and I enjoyed it a lot.

I enjoyed playing the game and the only problem I encountered was the computer also having a 4 digit password I thought that was safe's and tried it there but maybe you wanted it to happen so overall enjoyable game.

WebGL took some time to load but was playable. The graphics are cool so the game felt enjoyable. I think nudging AI in some places could help the game run smoothly but the concept was a fun one.

The game really felt smooth congrats on that also cool idea and funny ending lines. Just the ending menu was weird because my cursor was still locked I couldn't click exit.

I had trouble understanding the objective but the controls are unique and I think I liked the challenge of it. Objects sometimes hit something and everything flies across the room I guess that's fun lol.

Thanks for playing! Now that you mention it I found out why that happened and fixed it I'll probably update with all the bug fixes at the end of the rating period.